frameless glass shower with white walls and a window to the left
As you begin thinking about remodeling or updating your bathroom, what is the first thing you should do? The answer is…You should start looking at pictures of bathrooms and frameless shower doors for inspiration!

Bathroom with frameless glass shower door

Most people start looking at ideas way before the remodeling starts, it is a great way to get started. Pictures will most certainly give you inspiration to create your own individual tastes and preferences. It is hard to know what you like if you don’t know what is available to you.

Bathroom with two sinks and a frameless glass shower in the corner

Viewing pictures online or in magazines is really the only way for the “average Joe” to gain a good sense of what current bathroom styles might look like. Taking in all those designer bathrooms allows you to take different ideas from each so you can develop your perfect design.

Closet to the left of photo and a glass frameless shower to the right

Even ifyou are not ready to begin a huge renovation project, photographs can give you ideas as to the things you can change or update. So instead of a full remodel, you may consider changing just the paint color and adding a new glass shower enclosure.

bathroom with a tub to the left, a frameless glass shower in the middle, and a toilet to the right

As mentioned, the easiest way to begin the bathroom remodeling process is by taking some time and finding images of bathrooms online.

Taking that time to look at the different bathroom styles will help you determine what you want for your space. There are some very simple and relatively inexpensive upgrades that can help you to make your bathroom feel like new.

Bathroom with two sinks and a frameless glass shower in the corner

Some suggestions to create an inexpensive makeover are:

• Add a clear glass shower door
• Add a new vanity mirror
• Change your paint color
• Change the hardware in your bathroom including towel bars
• Add glass shelves

two toilets to the left of photo and a frameless glass shower to the right

Frameless Shower Options in Pictures

Frameless shower doors can most easily be explained in pictures. Let these 10 Frameless enclosures be your inspiration when planning for your own bathroom remodel or shower upgrade. When looking into shower door options frameless doors offer a tremendous variety in styles.

plant to the left, a bathtub in the middle of the photo next to two windows, and a frameless glass shower to the right

It is amazing all the different shapes of shower door spaces. Almost anything goes because shower doors are tailor made to fit your custom space.

The hardware is uniquely styled to fit your individual wants and the color finishes available seem endless. The finishes and hardware styles coupled with the glass options will give your bathroom the look that you create for it.

modern bathtub in the center of photo with a walk-in frameless glass shower to the right

Take in all the different options and develop the perfect bathroom for you. Take a look at these beautiful examples of bathrooms and their respective glass frameless shower doors and begin your creative journey.

beautiful bathroom with modern sink and bathtub to the left and a frameless glass shower to the right

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