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ABC Glass and Mirror supplies and install a number of different glass partition wall systems. These range from small panels to large networks of office dividers and from framed structures to walls built from frameless glass. Frameless partitions are popular because of their:

  • Sleek appearance
  • Convenience
  • Functionality
  • Versatility

Frameless Glass Wall Systems Have a Look That’s Hard to Top

Frameless glass wall systems are a favorite among homeowners and commercial designers alike. Whenever unframed glass is used for a partition, it imparts a chic modern feel to the space. For aesthetic appeal, it’s hard to beat frameless glass partitions for office cubicles, residential room dividers, and contemporary conference rooms. It’s simplicity harmonizes with many modes of décor, and it adds sparkle and shine without clashing with any color scheme.

It’s Easy to Take Care of Frameless Glass Wall Partitions

However, an attractive look is not the only advantage of a frameless glass wall partition. This type of room divider is also easy to care for and clean. For one thing, the elimination of framing does away with many nooks and crannies where dust and grime can build up. If you choose clear, tinted, or back painted glass for the frameless partition, it will also offer a smooth exterior than can readily be wiped clean and disinfected. Since they’re easy to maintain, a frameless glass walls system can add to the beauty and functionality of your space for years.

Frameless Glass Wall System Basics

Frameless glass wall systems are usually built from tempered glass. Tempered glass is much more durable than annealed glass, and cleanup is safer and easier if a break does happen. To ensure the stability and rigidity of the partition, we generally use 1/2” thick glass. At times, a client might need something stronger than tempered glass due to specific safety concerns. Possible alternatives include laminated glass, clear Plexiglas, and colored, opaque acrylic sheets. You can consult with an ABC glass specialist about which material is best for your application.

Frameless glass walls can be fastened to existing sheetrock walls or installed as free standing panels. Since framing is not present, they are kept in place by channel and/or small metal clips. Also, frameless partitions can be partial walls or can extend from floor to ceiling. When numerous panels are joined together, caulk can be used at the joints for a smooth transition and flowing look.

Uses for Frameless Glass Wall Systems

Frameless partition walls are an inviting alternative to drywall in both residential and business settings. Frosted, patterned, and back painted glass can be used to create privacy partitions, such as:

  • Room divider in a space shared by siblings.
  • Office cubicles in a setting where clear glass would allow for too many distractions
  • Screen around a bathroom appliance

Transparent frameless partitions are perfect when your goal is visual continuity and a sense of space. These can also be used for office cubicles as well as conference rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, home offices, play spaces, and more!

Designing Your Frameless Glass Wall System

Would you like to design a frameless glass wall partition for your home or business? The ABC Glass and Mirror team would be happy to work with you every step of the way. The procedure for ordering from us is straightforward whether your project is residential or commercial. In order to ensure that we understand your goals for the finished product, we typically begin with an in-person consultation at your location. Emailed no-obligation estimates, short lead times, and commitment to client satisfaction are some of the reasons that area homeowners and businesspersons trust their glass projects to ABC.