When renovating a bathroom, take time to ensure that the shower design supports the style you’ve chosen for the room and meets your practical needs. If you go with custom shower glass you’ll have more freedom to tailor the enclosure to your specific wants. Glass showers span a range of prices and configurations, and they can be customized by the glass type and hardware style you pick out.

Shower Glass Added to an Existing Tub

Working on a modest budget, you can add shower glass to the tub. Swapping out a curtain for custom glass makes your bathroom feel more upscale. The most common configurations for this kind of installation are:

  • Rolling barn style door beside a fixed panel.
  • Bypass doors.
  • Double swinging doors.
  • Swinging door in line with a fixed panel.

Making this change has an added bonus for small bathrooms. If you replace a curtain with clear glass, the space occupied by the tub is suddenly visible and the whole space feels bigger.

Corner Shower

Most corner showers fall into two categories – right angle and neo-angle. Right angle corner showers have two glass sides that converge with each other and the walls at right angles. One of these glass sides will include or consist of the door panel. Neo-angle showers offer great versatility. They have three glass sides that meet each other at 135 degree angles and the wall at 90 degrees. Typically, one of the glass sides is a swinging door. A corner shower is a good option when you want to add a separate shower stall to a bathroom.

Walk In Shower

Walk in showers are popular in large bathrooms and in homes designed for aging in place. These showers have some glass walls or a screen, but the entryway itself is left open. These are often curbless, especially if accessibility is one reason that a homeowner has chosen a walk in shower design. In this type of shower, it’s important to keep water from flowing or spraying out the open doorway. Shower head location, drain placement, and floor slope are all key components of this water control.

Shower Screen

Some bathrooms are “wet rooms” with all surfaces made of or covered with moisture resistant material such as back painted glass or tile. Even in a space like this, many homeowners want some sort of divider between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. A shower screen is a single glass panel installed for water containment and to delineate the shower area. These are fantastic for maintaining an open ambiance, especially if clear glass is used.

Steam Shower

If you want to convert an ordinary shower into a steam shower, installing a steam shower kit is only one part of the process. A steam shower needs an enclosure that seals up from top to bottom, has a moveable transom, and is able to withstand high humidity. Frameless glass steam enclosures can be custom designed for your bathroom. You’ll get the necessary functional features and the upscale look of unframed glass.

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