BlogFarmhouse Bathroom Decor and Shower

Do you want to transform your 90s style bathroom into a farmhouse themed retreat? Or add more warmth and charm to an impersonal space? Here are 6 ideas for achieving the peaceful, vintage-country style you’ve seen on your favorite home design shows.

1. Choose a neutral palette with a contrast of dark and light tones. Simple white surfaces form the backdrop of many farmhouse style rooms. To keep the atmosphere from becoming stark or overly-sterile, natural wood, vintage metal, quaint accents, and diverse textures are showcased against the white backdrop. Walls and bathroom fixtures are typically white, while brown and black tones are introduced by way of flooring, picture frames, hardware, and so forth.

2. Have your vanity built from reclaimed barnwood. This environmentally conscious choice gives you a one-of-a-kind vanity that literally makes barnwood part of your farmhouse style bathroom. You can have the vanity dimensions and design customized to your tastes and convenience, which is another reason not to settle for a mass-produced piece. A vanity crafted from barnwood will pair beautifully with an apron front bathroom sink, an antique mirror, vintage wall sconces, and frosted cabinet glass. If ordering a custom vanity is not in your budget, consider a natural wood-toned furniture style vanity as a nice alternative.

3. Combine a farm theme with modern convenience by ordering a barn style sliding glass shower door. Shower door customers love frameless design, but some bathrooms simply aren’t set up to accommodate a swinging door panel. In the past, this meant opting for semi-frameless bypass doors. However, innovative shower door designers have come up with space-friendly frameless shower doors inspired by traditional barn door operation. These doors move on rollers along a header at the top of the shower and are comprised entirely of frameless glass. (In fact, ABC Glass and Mirror even offers a barn style door system with a glass header for an almost completely transparent unit!) Selecting a barn style glass shower door lets you enjoy the latest in glass shower fashion and convenience while maintaining continuity with your farmhouse décor.

4. Make your look authentic with flea market finds upcycled as storage solutions. Flea markets can be a fantastic source for genuine farm containers such as crates, wire baskets, metal tubs, and so forth. These items can be used in a farmhouse bathroom for everything from a toilet paper holder to a laundry hamper, and the more wear and tear on the piece the better. These old containers give a new farmhouse bathroom an authentic, collected-over-time feel. Moreover, buying and repurposing vintage items is an example of environmentally and financially conscious home decorating that reduces waste and can even save you a few dollars.

5. Adorn a wall with original art. The perfect finishing touch on your farmhouse style bathroom is original wall art created by you or your family members. Use ready-to-hang canvases or frame your work. Possibilities include:

  • Make a quaint sign with the help of stencils – come up with your own advice or use a tried and true slogan.
  • Find a farm-themed photo online and ask several family members to paint/draw the scene. Use matching frames and hang the original series in your bathroom.
  • Create a wall hanging featuring items from nature such as pressed flowers, pebbles, or preserved leaves.

6. Opt for “antique” vanity mirror glass. Sometimes you don’t need to browse antique shops in search of the perfect old-fashioned piece that can serve as your farmhouse bathroom’s focal point. Antique mirror glass is the perfect example. This is new reflective glass that is acid-treated to give the appearance of age. Choosing “antique” mirror glass for your vanity mirror enhances a bathroom’s vintage vibes and contributes to the warm, layered look that is crucial to the farmhouse style.

ABC Glass and Mirror is your local, family-owned, veteran-owned source for the glass and mirror elements of your farmhouse style bathroom. We’d be happy to send an estimator to your home for a free glass consultation and to take the measurements required to put together quote. This is a free, no-obligation offer, and you can schedule your appointment by calling our office at (703)257-7150.