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Turning an ordinary bedroom into a cozy retreat is possible if you keep all 5 senses in mind as you redecorate. The nice thing about improving a bedroom is that it doesn’t have to be a full scale remodel. To totally transform your kitchen, you might have to tear out cabinetry and replace appliances. In a bedroom, however, it’s really the accessories that “make” the space. By introducing changes and upgrades that engage the 5 senses, you can make a bedroom warm and inviting as well as stylish.

A Bedroom that Looks Amazing

Optics usually come to mind first when we think about interior decorating. Important visual components in a bedroom include the overall color scheme, lighting options, and the shapes and designs you bring in by way of furniture and accent items. In terms of color combinations, you’ll want to do a bit of research into the meanings of colors – how they affect our moods and emotions. Reflect on the feeling you want to create and then choose your color scheme accordingly. Blues and greens are examples of relaxing colors, and neutrals and nature-inspired hues can also be soothing.

Don’t underestimate the importance of appropriate lighting options. Ideally, a bedroom will have:

  • A natural light source.
  • A bright overhead light fixture.
  • Table or floor lamps that provide a softer glow.

In addition to these basic lighting options, a bedroom is an ideal place for creative and beautiful illuminations. Possibilities include:

  • A row of electric candles lined up on a dresser in front of a beveled mirror.
  • A tealight chandelier.
  • Dimmer switches for the overhead light fixtures.
  • A lava lamp.
  • A plug-in fireplace.

With lighting and colors figured out, it’s time to consider the shapes and designs of your furnishings and decorative pieces. Since a bedroom is a place of repose, you might want to emphasize softened edges, rounded corners, and gentle curves rather that crisp edges and stark lines. Using assorted shapes together can also add warmth – for instance, instead of just square throw pillows, buy squares, rectangles, and a circle. For a visually pleasing space it’s also crucial to choose pieces that are the right size in proportion to the square footage and the other furniture. In a small bedroom, you may want to simply make a faux headboard by attaching panels of reclaimed wood to the wall above the bed. In a larger space, however, you should feel free to add a massive four poster bed frame if that’s what you like.

A Bedroom that Feels Wonderful, Too

It’s very important to consider the texture and feel of all materials and surfaces in a bedroom setting if you want it to be cozy and peaceful. Hard floors are not necessarily a no-no in a bedroom, though. In fact some homeowners choose to eschew carpet in favor of a surface that is less prone to collecting dust and allergens. If your bedroom has a wood or even tile floor, just be sure to add some soft and luxurious area rugs. Place these strategically – where your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning, in front of your dressing mirror and so forth. If your bedroom is carpeted, let redecorating be your motivation to have the floor steam cleaned. You can call in professionals or rent a steam cleaner yourself to wash and freshen the carpeting.

Bring plush, inviting materials to other parts of the room, too. If you’re picking out a comforter, a sofa, or a chair for your bedroom, don’t just consider how it looks. For instance, an ornate comforter with lots of texture and embroidery may look gorgeous but won’t feel soft if you plop down on it after a long day at work! Carefully choose items that deliver the look you’re going for paired with a pleasant texture. A bedroom is also an ideal place to integrate ultra-soft materials – such as fleece, velvet, or faux fur – into your décor. You can include these in the form of:

  • Throws on the foot of the bed or over the arm of a sofa.
  • Accent pillows.
  • Chair cushions.
  • Window treatments.

Finally, you want to make sure that the air temperature is to your liking. In accord with the changing seasons, a bedroom should have multiple options for both cooling down and warming up (in addition to the home’s basic heating and cooling system). Some of the improvements already discussed – fleece throws, electric fireplaces – offer the added benefit of warmth. If your house is drafty, you can also bring in a space heater and keep a thick robe and fuzzy slippers handy! Windows are ideal for cooling down the room on summer evenings without blasting the AC. A ceiling fan, sheets with a cool silky texture, and even a mini-fridge stocked with water and juice are additional tricks for keeping comfortable in the summer.

Keep Your Room Smelling Fresh

Scented candles are a classic way to bring your favorite scents into your bedroom. If you’re concerned about fire hazards you don’t even have to light them; just let them sit there looking and smelling good! For the most soothing experience, veer away from artificial or “chemically” smells. Gentle, natural aromas can be introduced using essential oil diffusers, potpourri, or a room spray made primarily of nature-derived ingredients. Other best practices for keep the space smelling ultra-fresh are:

  • Opening the windows for an occasional airing.
  • Washing bedding regularly.
  • Keeping dirty laundry in a hamper with a lid.
  • Putting your shoe shelf in a mudroom or entryway rather than your bedroom.

You can even add a spa-like touch to the master suite by filling a basket with scented bars of soap, lotions, and fragrances.

Set the Mood with Sound

Enjoy your favorite relaxing or uplifting music in your room without a big financial investment. Small portable speakers use your mobile phone’s bluetooth connection and deliver a much better sound than simply playing music directly from the phone itself. In addition to music, you can find recordings of relaxing nature sounds like waves or raindrops available online. However, besides bringing your favorite sounds into your bedroom, you want to keep annoying sounds out. A number of possible culprits can be found in an adjoining bathroom – a loud fan or a squeaky shower door, for instance.  Addressing these maintenance issues may impact the room’s atmosphere more than you expect.

Tasteful” Bedroom Decorating

Even the sense of taste can be considered when giving your bedroom a makeover. A candy dish filled with peppermints or chocolates is welcome in just about any room. If you are a midnight snacker, save yourself a trip to the fridge and prevent a midnight ice cream binge by keeping a basket full of healthy snacks on your night table. Here are a few more creative ways you might consider taste when sprucing up your bedroom:

  • Turning the master bedroom into a mini-suite is a wonderful idea for couples with children. You don’t have to hire a babysitter to slip off to a date in your at-home getaway. Adding a pub table with comfortable bar stools to your bedroom gives you the perfect venue for a candle-lit dinner for two.
  • You can even add a mini-bar to your bedroom for a luxurious and enjoyable touch! Simply have a glass shelf installed with a wall mirror behind it and load this up with your favorite beverages. Finish off with a mini-fridge and small cabinet for snacks and other cocktail ingredients.

ABC Can Help with Glass and Mirror Aspects of the Project

Many master bedroom upgrades involve new glass or mirror installations. You might want a larger vanity mirror or a second dressing mirror. Likewise, glass shelves and cabinet glass can be used to refurbish bookcases and vanities. Some homeowners even like to replace the door between the master bedroom and the master bathroom with a rolling “barn style” glass door. This type of door is space-friendly, adds visual appeal, and can help the overall space feel open and roomy. To learn more about the custom glass and mirror offered by ABC, dial (703)257-7150. We are happy to discuss the project with you over the phone and will send an estimator to your home free of charge. Our estimator can gather the details needed for us to quote you a price and answer any questions you may have about the installation. Give us a ring to learn more and make your appointment!