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Properly and accurately measuring for frameless glass shower doors is anything, but easy.  There are many things to take into account before undertaking the mapping out of your glass shower doors.


However, with some things to keep in mind, you can much more easily complete a do-it- yourself measure.


Wait for the Tile!

As previous articles have mentioned, one of the top things to make sure happens before you measure is the tile installation.  If your tile has not yet been installed wait to measure until after the tile is up!!!  If you choose to measure for the shower door before the tile is permanently on the walls, your shower door will not fit.


Factors to Consider

Check for level and plumb conditions of the walls, floor, sill and tub deck.  Also, make sure the curb is sloped inward to avoid water pooling and then leaking on the floor.  Take into consideration which way the shower door swings.


Finally, when you get ready to measure take center line dimensions and figure out the height that you want.  Also, ask yourself if you need a header due to oversize panels.  After all these particulars are taken into consideration your measure should be accurate and your shower door should fit like a glove.


Call a Shower Door Expert!

In the end, your best bet to easily measure for frameless glass shower doors is to enlist an expert to help.  The experts at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. know what to look out for and what to take into consideration before and during the measurement process.


Our professional estimators know how to take the little differences in each wall into account while calculating the correct length and width of each wall space.  You can always be sure that your frameless glass shower doors will fit like a glove when ABC is part of the equation!


Don’t waste your precious time worrying that your shower door measurements are off and your glass won’t fit, call ABC to help!  Call to schedule for your complimentary in-home estimate at 703-257-7150!


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