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Bathroom remodels today include four elements – functionality, relaxation, visual appeal, and environmentally friendly fixtures. Of course, functionality is the foundation of any bathroom. At a minimum, it needs a toilet and sink, but full bathrooms also include one or more bathing stations. You might be surprised at how many options are available for making even a tiny bathroom more useful and convenient. Two examples:

  • If you want to covert a little space into a half bath, it can be hard to find room for both the toilet and the sink. However, you can now buy a sink add-on that sits on the back of the toilet. When you flush the toilet, the clean water comes out the faucet so you can wash your hands. This water runs off your hands and down the sink drain to refill the toilet bowl for the next flush. This is an example of a fixture that is both practical and eco-friendly because it reduces water usage.
  • Glass shower options today are much more varied than the framed bypass doors many of us grew up with. For example, a shower screen is a single piece of glass that’s installed to contain water droplets while leaving an open entrance into the shower. A design like this allows you to use glass instead of a shower curtain while keeping an open flow of space in a small bathroom. It also uses fewer materials, and you don’t have to worry about whether there’s enough clearance for a swinging door.

Modern bathrooms seem more like luxury spas.

Many bathroom remodels – whether the space is large or small – seek to create a beautiful space that promotes relaxation and renewal. Often the same product gives a bathroom both visual appeal and a luxurious self-care option. Think of a free-standing soaker tub, a steam shower enclosed in frameless glass or a wall mounted fireplace. With all this luxury, however, there’s also a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability, using ethically produced items, and being responsible in our use of resources and energy. 

Eco-friendly bathroom fixtures are compatible with a beautiful aesthetic.

Thankfully, environmentally friendly fixtures don’t detract from – and often add to – a bathroom’s in-vogue appearance.

  • You can often replace an old aerator on your sink faucet with a new one that has a lower flow rate. This is a cheap, DIY, eco-friendly bathroom upgrade, and it doesn’t impact the faucet’s appearance.
  • Likewise, an old shower head can be swapped out for a modern water-saving item that may also include more spray options and extra features like a built-in light.
  • Reusing fixtures can actually give your bathroom special charm – an antique claw-foot bathtub, for example.
  • Reclaimed materials can be used to create lovely bathroom furniture, such as a freestanding vanity built from salvaged barnwood.
  • Tiles and countertops made from recycled materials, such as glass, give you unique and beautiful options for bathroom surfaces.

When it comes to toilets, you can choose from many different styles, knowing that modern commodes are required to use less water than older models. You can also look for the WaterSense label, which lets you know that the item has 20% better efficiency than average toilets. 

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