It’s hard to go wrong when decorating with mirrors because they don’t go out of style! Mirror glass will continue to match your changing color schemes and décor themes. The other awesome thing about mirrors is how they can serve multiple purposes at once – dressing up the wall, reflecting light, helping you fix your hair, etc.

Create a Mirror Gallery Wall

mirror wall gallery

Hang a cluster of mirrors of different shapes and sizes for a charming gallery wall. If you need a mirror with specific dimensions to fit in a frame you like or you want to include a mirror of an unusual shape – such as a half circle – a custom glass shop like ABC Glass & Mirror can help. Another way to keep the gallery interesting is by interspersing some antique mirror glass in with modern mirrors. You don’t have to scour flea markets or pay a premium price at an antique shop to get this effect. You can order “antique style” mirror which is new mirror with an antique appearance.

Transform a Room with a Mirrored Wall

transform your room with a mirror wall

Covering a wall with large mirrors makes the space look larger and brighter. Working with mirror professionals is very helpful when big, heavy mirrors are involved. A glass expert will inspect the wall, checking for dips and rises that may require shims or spacers. Also, the mirror will be specially cut to accommodate any irregular corners or non-level surfaces. Often large mirrors are installed above outlets. However, if you’re ordering custom mirrors you can have cut-outs put in so that the mirrors will fit around the outlets and extend all the way down to the floor trim. This type of mirrored wall is perfect for home gyms, living rooms, dining rooms, and more.

Put a Different Twist on the Mirrored Wall Idea

tiled mirror wall

A mirrored wall can also be more decorative. For example, instead of using a few large mirrors, you can have many small or medium mirrors arranged in a “tiled” or “mosaic” pattern. Square, rectangular, and diamond mirrors are often used this way. Add more personality by choosing beveled mirrors, antique mirrors, or beveled antique mirrors! A mirrored wall like this is perfect for a boring entryway or landing or even a wall in your home office.

Hang a Mirror Above One of the Room’s Best Features

position a mirror above a rooms best feature

Adding a mirror is a good way to draw attention to a lovely fixture or piece of furniture and make it the focal point of the space. Things that would look even better with a mirror hanging over them include:

• Fireplace mantles

• Sideboards

• Mini bars

• Dressers

• Side tables

• Shelves of collectibles

Work With a Glass Shop for the Perfect Mirrors

glass shops can provide unique mirror shapes

Achieving just the right look when decorating with mirrors is easy when you partner with a custom glass shop. ABC Glass & Mirror of Manassas Park, VA can fabricate the special mirrors you need:

• small, medium, or large

• traditional or unique shapes

• standard or antique mirror

• polished, beveled, or metal-wrapped edges

• dimensions tailored to a specific room and wall

We also offer professional installation, which is especially helpful for hanging a large mirror or creating a mirrored wall. To learn more or to make an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation, call (703)257-7150.