beautiful bathroom with excellent countertops and mirrorsThe most popular way of decorating with mirrors is probably hanging vanity mirrors in your bathrooms. However, because this is such a commonplace aspect of home décor, it can be easy to just slap up a cheap mirror or medicine cabinet with a mirrored front.


While this may more or less serve your purposes – a makeup mirror, a shaving mirror, a hairstyling mirror – it will do little for your bathroom’s ambience and aesthetic appeal. On the other hand a custom mirror, thoughtfully selected for the specific bathroom in question, can not only enhance, but even define, the space.


Mirror Upgrades to Consider

Before looking at how to choose the right vanity mirror for a particular bathroom, let’s explore the mirror upgrades that are available to home decorating enthusiasts in 2016.


• Custom dimensions: Today’s consumer can select very large mirrors, mirrors specially fabricated to fit on irregular wall space, and uniquely shaped mirrors such as circular or teardrop.
• Edgework: A mirror can have a simple polished edge, a beveled edge, or a frame.

• Frame options: Homeowners can order framed mirrors in various sizes and with a wide range of frame styles. Also, most standard-size mirrors already attached to your wall can be retrofitted with a frame.

• Stand-out installation: The use of spacers allows glaziers to make a mirror “stand-out” from the wall rather than adhering to the surface behind it.


Practical Considerations

In your efforts to beautify a bathroom by decorating with a new vanity mirror, you can address practical concerns simultaneously. Multi-user bathrooms, for instance, call for plenty of mirror space. Are you and your spouse always blocking each other’s view as you prepare for work in the morning?


Opt for two separate mirrors or one piece of mirror glass wide enough to accommodate both your needs at the same time. You may feel limited by outlets or wall sconces when it comes to mirror dimensions, but a mirror can include custom cut-outs to make room for these fixtures and still allow you to enjoy the plentiful mirror space your family deserves.


Matching the Mirror to the Sink/Vanity

On a basic level, you want to choose a mirror that will give your vanity space visual interest and great style. To achieve this, start by consciously evaluating the features of your sink and vanity. These include the shapes present – square or rectangular vanity top; oval, circular, or rectangular sink edge; rectangular or square cabinet doors; column on a pedestal sink; square or circular pedestal base; and so forth – as well as other qualities like countertop material, sink material, wood finish, and general style.


The characteristics of your sink and vanity should inform your choice of mirror. For instance, an ornate vanity topped with a marble counter will pair well with a large mirror surrounded by a glamorous gilt frame. Likewise, if your sink has a circular edge, stay away from oval or round mirrors and provide appealing contrast with a square or rectangular mirror. The possibilities are virtually limitless, but selecting a mirror that adds to and highlights the best aspects of your existing sink area is well worth the time and effort involved.


Quality, Professionally Installed Custom Vanity Mirrors

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