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Decorating with mirrors is a great way to quickly add modern charm to your living space, and our tips can help ensure that your new mirrors achieve their aesthetic potential while also boosting your home’s functionality and convenience.

Order Custom Mirrors for Unusual spaces

Sometimes using a standard mirror yields unsightly results. For example, if your vanity surface is out of level, hanging a stock-sized mirror above it will only emphasize this flaw. You’ll be faced with two unappealing options: Make the mirror level in contrast to the surface below or hang the mirror at a slant.

custom mirror, on the other hand, can be cut to fit perfectly in the space above your vanity, regardless of structural irregularities. A vanity mirror like this can actually camouflage issues like angled surfaces or corners that are not perfectly square.

Don’t Overdo It

Use wall mirrors to create contemporary elegance, but always bear in mind the overall effect and know where to draw the line. For instance, a large bathroom mirror is desirable for many homeowners. However, if you have a number of fixtures currently installed on the wall – medicine cabinets, for instance – you may not want to piece together a bunch of mirrors in an effort to cover a wall that already has a lot going on. It might be preferable to select a simple mirror that can be centered above your bathroom sink to create a focal point on the busy wall space.

Provide Plenty of Vanity Mirror Space

Along with the not overdoing it, however, you do want enough mirror space to correspond to your household’s needs. For instance, if you and your spouse both use the double vanity in the morning, you wouldn’t want to hang an oval mirror between the two sinks, even though it might look nice from a purely decorative standpoint. Instead, order a custom mirror that extends along the whole top of the vanity or even beyond. Alternatively, you can a hang two separate mirrors, one above each sink.

Select Mirror Frames that Enhance The Room’s Décor Scheme

Framed mirrors are often used successfully in home design, and they are very versatile wall hangings. The mirror glass itself will automatically conform to the style of the room by reflecting your décor. However, the frame needs to be carefully selected if it is to harmonize with the theme and color scheme of your space. Your choice of frame can even tip the scales in favor of one trend or another – i.e. an ornate frame that dresses things up or a sleek modern frame that updates the room’s look.

Vary the Shapes of Your Home’s Mirrors

If you’re decorating with mirrors, don’t limit yourself to rectangular mirror glass. Look at each section of wall space and determine the mirror shape that will most effectively give it beauty and visual interest.

Possibilities include:

•    Oval
•    Circular
•    Square
•    Diamond
•    Hexagon

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