As you decorate and improve your home in 2017, keep in mind that adding and replacing mirrors is a great way to enliven your space. Mirrors of many shapes, sizes, and styles are available from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. along with professional installation and a free consultation. Schedule your in-home meeting with one of our glaziers by dialing 703-257-7150.


Framed Mirrors

A framed mirror is a lovely ornament for a section of bare wall space. Ideal places to hang a framed mirror include over a fireplace, in the entryway, across from a window with a nice view, and behind a powder room vanity.


You have the option of ordering a new mirror with a custom frame, but it may also be possible to have a frame added to a mirror that is already in place on one of your walls. Through its partnership with MirrorMate, ABC offers Ready Frames. These attractive mirror frames can be added to most standard sized mirrors that are affixed to a wall. Ready Frames allow you to quickly transform an ordinary mirror into a more glamorous wall hanging.


Mirrors that Stand Out from the Wall

Another eye-catching mirror option is to utilize spacers that keep the mirror standing out from the wall behind it. This creates depth and visual appeal through the simple addition of a piece of reflective glass. Also, this installation technique opens up the door for other possibilities such as back-lighting the mirror.


Wall Mirrors

If you’re seeking a dramatic look, consider a wall mirror. Whether you opt to cover a wall with a single large mirror or an arrangement of small mirrors, adding a wall mirror will instantly make a room look more spacious. Wall mirrors can also be used to amplify a room’s best features by reflecting them, and the mirror glass itself serves to beautify boring wall space. Wall mirrors can be used in a variety of settings, including:


• Living rooms
• Dining rooms
• Family rooms
• Bedrooms


Gym Mirrors

Do you have a home gym or a spare room in which you work out? Adding a gym mirror to your home exercise space will make it more pleasant to be in and more functional. With a large custom gym mirror in place, your room will have a professional feel and you’ll be able to monitor your form and technique as you work out.


Learn more about the mirrors discussed here as well as our other mirror options by calling ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150!


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