Blogliving room with purple throw rug and pillow with a glass table in the center of the room

Partner with ABC as you decorate your rental and create a high end look that gives your house an edge over the competition. By adding some thoughtful touches you can make your rental property an appealing living space that someone will want to make their home.


Glass Showers Will Transform Bathrooms

One way to dramatically change the feel of your rental house is by upgrading the bathrooms – or at least the master bath – with glass showers Walking into a bathroom with a bare curtain rod extending over a void and entering a bathroom with custom glass shower doors is very different. The latter has a finished look and an inviting appearance that can be very appealing to prospective tenants.


When adding glass doors and/or shower enclosures to a rental home, it is important to choose styles, materials, and designs that are comparatively easy to maintain. Frameless showers are not only the most popular, but they are also the easiest to care for since they do not have the nooks and crannies that go along with metal framing. You’ll also want to choose clear ShowerGuard glass. Why? Clear glass is always among the most cleaning friendly options because of its smooth surface. However, the surface of ShowerGuard glass is permanently sealed through an ion beam treatment, and this means that it will stay clean longer and be easier to wash.


Use Glass Shelves to Create More Storage Solutions

Storage options are an important consideration for many prospective renters, and you can easily give your house more of them with custom glass shelving. Possibilities include:

  • Making closets more functional by putting shelves in them.
  • Revamping the pantry and/or linen closet with glass shelves.
  • Adding open shelving to a kitchen with limited cupboard space.
  • Including glass book shelves in the living room or family room.


Working with ABC Glass and Mirror, you don’t have to worry about finding shelves that will fit in a given space or shelves that are the right length for a particular closet or cupboard. We can customize the length, depth, and thickness of the glass, and present you with a diverse assortment of brackets and hanging systems. Moreover, glass shelves can be made from clear, frosted, or patterned glass, so you can achieve a look that harmonizes with the overall style of the space.


Cabinet Glass is the Key to Your Rental Kitchen Makeover

Change out the kitchen cupboard door fronts for cabinet glass and you’ll instantly give the kitchen a new look. For the most attractive setup, you may wish to use clear glass on some cabinets and patterned glass on others. Utilizing some patterned glass, which obscures the view of whatever is behind it, ensures that your renters will have some cupboards where they can store items without worrying about their aesthetic appeal or lack thereof.


This same technique can be used to refresh other fixtures in the home that may have cabinet doors. Examples include bathroom vanities, built-ins, and TV cabinets. It’s not hard to harmonize cabinet glass with your décor scheme since it is available in clear, frosted, patterned, and tinted styles.


Working together we can make your rental more charming and functional! Call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. today at 703-257-7150 to learn more about these custom fixtures and the other products and services we offer.