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Get creative and see past the traditional uses of glass in your home! Fresh ideas allow you to go beyond classic applications like shower doors and wall mirrors and give glass a more prominent place in your interior design.

#1 – Make a modern coffee table.

Does your living room lack charm or visual interest? Is its look dated and boring? Does the space feel cluttered? Any and all of these problems can be mitigated by the addition of a glass-topped coffee table. The great news is that you can design your own piece. Select the base or legs for the table, keeping in mind that the possibilities range from upcycled industrial metal, to a large tree stump, to a traditional wooden support system. Then order a tempered glass table top, secure it to the base, and enjoy your functional and stylish coffee table that is sure to become the room’s new focal point!

#2 – Choose Dreamwalls back-painted glass for your kitchen backsplash.

Did you know that your backsplash options extend to colorful glass? Dreamwalls glass is ultra-clear low-iron glass that has had paint and a protective coating applied to the back. The paint is available in stock shades as well as custom tones, so your color choices extend from subtle neutrals to bold hues. These glass backsplashes can be seamless or nearly seamless for a sleek modern look. Alternatively, you can opt for small tile-like pieces in various colors to create a radiant mosaic-style backsplash.

#3 – Transform cupboard doors with cabinet glass.

Various fixtures can be improved with cabinet glass, including:

  • Kitchen cabinets.
  • Bathroom vanity.
  • China hutch.
  • TV cabinet.

Cabinet glass can be tailored to your home’s individual design. Clear, colored, frosted, and patterned options are available, so you can find the perfect glass whether you want to show off your wedding china or obscure the view of stored toilet paper and soap! Bringing in pristine new cabinet glass is actually a great way to give a room a makeover at a relatively low cost.

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