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Be sure your living space includes a room devoted to relaxing and connecting with family and friends. Having a space with a calm, restful ambiance makes your home inviting and helps ensure that you have the down time you need and deserve. From big changes to small additions, here are helpful tips for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your living room.

Choose Colors Carefully

From paint colors to couch colors, you want to choose tones that calm and soothe. Possibilities include nature-derived greens and blues: grays with purple, blue, or green undertones; and warm neutrals like chocolate brown. If relaxation is your goal in living room design, it is best to save energetic reds, oranges, and yellows for other parts of the house.

Steps for Creating a Relaxing Living RoomInclude Natural Elements

Nature has a way of fostering tranquility, so make the most of this by integrating natural elements into your living room. This can be as simple as choosing furniture and materials that retain natural beauty, such as:

  • Hardwood floors.
  • Live edge coffee tabletop.
  • Stone fireplace surround.

It can also involve bringing the sights and sounds of nature into the space. Examples include potted plants, a living wall, a little waterfall fountain, and simply opening the windows on nice days.

If your living room includes a window with a lovely view of the outdoors, be sure to take advantage of this. Keep the window in good repair, ordering replacement glass if needed, and choose window treatments that are easy to open. You can even double the effect of a window like this by having a wall mirror installed opposite it.

Be Mindful of Textures

Along with color, texture can either help or hinder relaxation. As you shop for couches and chairs, be careful to test their comfort in regard to not only the softness/firmness of the cushions, but the exterior texture as well. It is not hard to introduce textures that invite one to stop and rest; possibilities include:

  • Plush area rugs.
  • Ultra soft throws and blankets.
  • Squishy throw pillows.

Create Lighting Options

The room’s lighting will also contribute to setting the desired mood. You can take advantage of natural light by opting for window treatments that let in plenty of sunshine. When it comes to electric lights, it’s good to create a few different options, so that the room can be well lit for a family game or illumined by a cozy glow if you want to relax with a glass of wine before bed. In addition to one or more ceiling lights, consider floor lamps, table lamps, or an electric fireplace.

Keep the Space Organized

Clutter breeds stress, so de-cluttering your living room is vital to giving it a calm and peaceful ambiance. Here are some fresh ideas for an organizational system:

  • Having glass shelves installed frees up surfaces like the coffee table and end tables.
  • Using small baskets on your shelves keeps you from having to neatly arrange everything.
  • Large bins or baskets on the floor are great for the organizationally challenged – in a container is better than on the floor!
  • A flea market or thrift store cabinet can be painted, fitted with cabinet glass, and adorned with new hardware to become an attractive storage option.

If your project to make your living room a relaxing and inviting space calls for custom glass or mirrors, be sure to call ABC Glass and Mirror at 703-257-7150!

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