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It is important to get bathroom design right since this is such a highly used room, yet flaws and goofs will crop up. Some bathroom problems, however, can be corrected or mitigated so that the space can reach its full potential.

Not Enough Storage

Is your bathroom low on places to store necessary items like towels, soap, and extra toilet paper? Here are some ideas for creatively solving this problem:

• Use a hanging system for a potted plant to dangle a basket near the shower entrance. This can be filled with wash cloths and other toiletry items.

• Hang a canvas shoe rack on the bathroom door. The pouches can hold everything from a hairdryer to a hand towel. When used in a kids’ bathroom, this also helps everyone keep her or his belongings separate and easy to locate.
• Is there bare wall space above the toilet or elsewhere? Adding glass shelves gives you versatile surfaces that can be filled with handy bins and basket for easy storage.
• Keep in mind that towel clutter can often be easily addressed by adding hooks to the wall and getting a basket where used towels can be thrown.

Overcrowded Bathroom

A bathroom can be overcrowded in a few different ways: too many fixtures for the square footage, disproportionately large bathroom appliances, Items that are impractical given the room’s particular setup and dimensions.

Too many fixtures could mean having a glass shower enclosure as well as a separate tub in a small to medium sized bathroom. This problem can be addressed through a remodel by getting rid of one of the fixtures if it is not used. Alternatively, you could create a tub/shower combo by installing a tub in a corner and enclosing it with glass doors and fixed panels.

Or maybe the problem is a huge vanity or oversized tub squeezed into a compact bathroom. As you renovate, be sure to scale the bathroom fixtures to its dimensions. Tons of space saving possibilities are out there for your consideration:

• Bypass shower doors
• Tiny wall mounted sinks
• Undersized commodes
• Small vanities
• Single shower stalls with one glass door

Finally, you may simply be dealing with a design error or lack of foresight. Examples of this type of overcrowding include a swinging shower door that crashes into the sink or toilet when opened, a poorly placed fixture that creates a narrow walkway, or a misplaced shelf or hanging light fixture that people bump into. An important stop in your renovation should be laying out the new design with an eye to practicality, safety, and good traffic flow.

Bathroom Not Tailored to the Number of Users

Different options are more suitable depending on whether it’s the master bathroom, a kids’ bathroom, or a guest bathroom. For instance, a clear glass shower door in a kids’ bathroom can reduce its functionality, while privacy glass can facilitate one child brushing teeth while another showers.

On another note, the master bath is not the place to save money by choosing a small vanity. If possible opt for a large vanity with two sinks in this setting. Finally, a guest bathroom should not be a half bath, since guests will not like having to use one of the family bathrooms to shower. If space is tight in the guest bath, consider skipping the tub but including a small shower stall with a single glass door.

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