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We’re seeing exciting developments in 2021 home décor trends, ranging from sleek Japandi bathrooms to gorgeous maximalist spaces. However, The Nordroom blogger, Astrid notes an underlying principle, “There’s a big focus on comfort (both in decor but also in color tones).” This emphasis on comfort can mean buying cozier chairs, displaying cherished items that you like, choosing quality, meaningful décor pieces, and more. It might be easy to overlook the bathroom in all this if we see it as a purely practical space. But since the average person may spend more than 700 days of their lifetime in the bathroom, why not make this frequently used space more comfortable, too?

A Luxe Bathroom Upgrade

Offering more and better bathing options is an effective way to boost bathroom comfort. For example, more and more couples include both a shower enclosure and a soaker tub in the primary bathroom. There are a few different ways to make a shower area more inviting:

  • Dress up your existing bathtub/shower combination by replacing the shower curtain with a glass screen, swinging door and panel, or sliding door system.
  • Have a 90-degree or neo-angle corner shower put in to complement your free-standing tub.
  • Design a custom enclosure with a unique layout or every wall made of glass.
  • Convert an existing shower into a glass enclosed steam shower.

Two of the most popular styles for glass showers are frameless and Crittall style, and both of these work well with just about any bathroom décor. Frameless shower enclosures have very little metal, while Critall style enclosures are made of clear glass with black metal framing and mullions. 

Little Changes with Big Effects

If you’re not quite ready to remodel the bathroom, how about giving it a makeover with an eye to comfort? These relatively inexpensive items and upgrades allow you to create a fresh look and feel in just one day:

  • Replace the shower spray with a wall mounted rainfall shower head for a more relaxing experience. (Bonus: Add an aromatherapy kit as well so you can enjoy your favorite essential oils as you shower.)
  • Swap out the bathroom linens for softer, thicker towels.
  • Treat yourself to a high end bath mat. Bamboo? Memory foam? Shag? It’s up to you.
  • Create an accent wall using peel-and-stick wallpaper with a soothing pattern and color scheme.
  • Make the bathroom more personal with unique accent items. (No room to display art or knick-knacks? A small glass shelf can be added to unused wall space.)

Warm and Cozy Vibes

In the fall and winter, warmth just might be your best option for improving a bathroom’s degree of comfort, especially if you have an older home. After all, the worst way to finish a nice hot shower is by stepping onto freezing cold tile in a chilly bathroom! Possibilities span a huge range of prices and levels of luxury.

  • More and softer area rugs OR heated flooring.
  • A wall mounted glass fireplace OR candles around the tub and sink.
  • Thicker, heavier curtains OR replacement of drafty windows.
  • Heated toilet seat OR a little space heater to plug in next to the toilet.
  • Faux fur bathrobes OR updated home heating system.

Help From ABC Glass & Mirror

For bathroom improvements involving glass and mirror, we invite you to give us a call at (703)257-7150. Glass showers, custom shelves, vanity mirrors, and cabinet glass are just some of the products we can deliver and install. Get started today by scheduling a free consultation and quote!

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