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If you’re getting a new shower door for your Northern Virginia home, you will want to ask your ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. representative about both ShowerGuard and Clearshield. Today’s families are busy parenting, volunteering, working, and driving to activities, so what you don’t need is lots of time spent caring for glass shower doors! Thankfully, innovative modern products greatly reduce shower care routines leaving you with more time for your family! Get professional answers to your questions about these products and other aspects of glass shower doors by setting up a free appointment at your home with an ABC glazier – dial 703-257-7150 today!

First, let’s look at the similarities between ShowerGuard and Clearshield. Northern Virginia home improvers should know that:

  • Both give you glass that is protected from corrosive elements, soap scum accumulation, water spots, etc.
  • Both are safe for humans, pets, and the environment.
  • Both leave the clarity of your glass intact.
  • Both provide long-lasting glass protection.

As you can see, many goals for shower door glass protection can be met by both of these helpful products. Looking at the differences will help you figure out which one is most ideally suited to your particular needs and shower situation.

In considering the differences between ShowerGuard and Clearshield, we’ll first explore what each consists of. Northern Virginia homeowners might think that both these products are something that is added to shower glass to protect it. However, while this is accurate in terms of Clearshield, it is not really true for ShowerGuard. Clearshield is a safe polymer resin that is brushed onto shower glass before installation of the door or enclosure. This polymer resin bonds with the surface of the glass, yielding a long-lasting protective veneer that is imperceptible and does not mar the beauty of the glass. Conversely, the term “ShowerGuard” refers not to a protective coating per se, but to a specific type of glass. ShowerGuard glass is subjected to ion-beam treatment during manufacturing, and this closes the miniscule pores on the surface of the glass, leaving a permanent seal that is now part of the glass itself. Understanding this fundamental difference between the two options is vital to discerning which best meets your needs.

What about the cost and benefits associated with ShowerGuard and Clearshield? Northern Virginia homeowners should know that Clearshield is the more economical of the two options. Both will give you shower door glass that remains clear and bright longer between cleanings and that is easier to wash when cleaning day does roll around. Remember that a glazier from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can answer your questions about both products and offer you tips and suggestions founded on his years of work in the glazing industry.

Whether you want a shower with Clearshield coated glass or one built from ShowerGuard glass, your Northern Virginia home’s bathroom remodel will benefit from the involvement of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. We offer our clients:

  • Lots of glass shower design options.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction and personalized attention to your shower project.
  • Experienced installation crews.
  • Professionalism and quality.

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