Decorating with framed mirrors is fun and easy, especially with the help of ABC Glass and Mirror and our customizable products. The ABC team gives each project the consideration and focus it deserves whether we are replacing a single wall mirror or outfitting a whole apartment complex with vanity mirrors. Partner with us and find the perfect framed mirrors to beautify your home.

What are framed mirror decorating trends?

Framed mirrors add charm to any living space. They can be put to work as vanity mirrors or dressing mirrors or simply used as decorative wall hangings. Home décor trends involving framed mirrors include:

  • A gold framed mirror hung over each sink of an antique-style double vanity.
  • Gallery wall created by hanging different size mirrors in various frames on one wall.
  • Full length wood framed mirrors for bedroom dressing mirrors.
  • A white framed mirror over a powder room sink.
  • Framed wall mirrors above fireplaces, cabinets, and consoles.

How to select framed mirrors for my home?

What framed mirrors are ideal for your home? The first decision to make is where you want framed mirrors installed. Popular locations include above the vanity, in your foyer, and on living room and dining room walls. Next, it’s important to determine the mirror dimensions. Partnering with ABC gives you more options than shopping at a home décor store since we offer custom sizes for framed mirrors. Finally, you’ll need to choose specific mirror frames from among the many styles we offer. Looks include metallic, wood-style, and painted.

Mirror frames can be used to enhance a décor scheme or provide balance by introducing a pleasant contrast. For example, antique mirror glass in an ornate silver frame can help you maintain the period charm of a 1920’s bathroom, or it can be used to soften a modern, industrial style space. There are also many classic, simple mirror frames which look nice with just about any furnishings and will remain timeless as your interior design tastes evolve.

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What is the process of ordering framed mirrors from ABC Glass and Mirror?

Most clients begin with a free in-home consultation with one of our mirror specialists. This allows our estimator to answer your questions, make suggestions based on your particular living space, and take the necessary measurements for a price quote. An in-home meeting is especially helpful if you want custom mirror dimensions or are unsure if a framed mirror is workable on specific wall space.

Our team follows up by emailing you a price quote, so you can make your decision at your leisure. Once you order your framed mirrors, we prepare all the necessary components and call to schedule installation. Within the agreed upon time-frame, our installers arrive at your home and carefully put your framed mirrors in place on your walls. The mirror glass is attached first using glue and clips or channel. The frames you have chosen are then applied to the mirrors for a lovely finished project.

What if I want to add mirrors to frames already on my wall?

Good news! Most stock size mirrors can be transformed into framed mirrors. This is money-saving news for homeowners who are happy with the standard mirrors currently adhered to their walls. In order to achieve the charm of framed mirrors, it is probably not necessary to have these existing fixtures removed and replaced. Instead, you choose your frame styles, we order the mirror frames, and one of our teams adds these frames to the mirror glass already on your walls.

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