When you need Plexiglass sheeting for a home or building in Manassas, VA, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is the company to contact. We are a family-run glass shop offering terrific products, reliable installation, and personalized service. Visit our shop and showroom in Manassas Park – 8395-B Euclid Ave. – or call our helpful office staff at (703) 257-7150. We have glazing professionals available to speak with you, and you can even arrange a free on-site consultation with quote included.

Whether your project requires Plexiglass or some other type of safety glass, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park today! Plexiglass(acrylic sheeting) is used in houses and commercial buildings throughout Manassas. This product is valued not only for its durability, which is greater than that of tempered glass, but for its glass-like appearance. It can take the place of ordinary glass in installations where breakage is a concern, and some of the areas that can benefit from Plexiglass sheeting are –

  •    Safety railings
  •    Glass in doors or sidelites
  •    Greenhouses
  •    Windows
  •    Display cases
  •    Table tops
  •    Picture frames

Furthermore, to meet the needs of specific projects, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers clear Plexiglass sheeting as well as opaque colored Plexiglass. Get tips on which type is best for your project at your free meeting with our glass specialist! In addition to Plexiglass sheeting, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. supplies other types of safety glass, so Manassas clients can purchase the ideal product. These options include –

  •    Tempered glass – harder to break than normal glass and less hazardous if it is broken.
  •    Laminated glass – composed of three layers: glass, vinyl, glass. Since the glass is adhered to the vinyl, it will stay in place even in the event of a fracture – very practical for overhead installations.
  •    Lexan sheeting – our most durable safety glass option, an item that will typically bend rather than break!

When you work with the ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. team, you can find the right safety glass for your building with the help of an experienced glazier. When a project requires Plexiglass sheeting or another safety glass, Manassas residents can work with a great local company – ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Start by setting up your free consultation, select the ideal product, and relax as your items are installed at our final visit. Additionally, we stock sheets for immediate purchase when you need a quick fix. The number to call for appealing safety glass options and friendly, knowledgeable service is 703-257-7150!

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