Blogwhite bathroom with a stand-in glass shower and a sink to the left with a window behind it

Decorating a small bathroom can be a challenge, but Better Homes and Gardens’ Kelly Eagle presents an article full of design tips accompanied by photos illustrating the techniques – From recommendations on important choices like tile selection to easy décor ideas you can implement today, Kelly’s piece provides food for thought for homeowners who wish to improve a small bathroom.

Kelly’s first piece of advice is to make use of the calm vibes given off by bathroom décor that is “white, off-white, or biege.” In a neutral bathroom like this, it’s also important to include a little color and complexity by way of contrast, though, and one way to do this is with patterned floor tile.

Another way to dress up a plain bathroom is by adding a row of colorful tiles behind the sink to create a visually interesting backsplash. It won’t take much tile to do this in a small bathroom, so this can be a great upgrade for homeowners who are decorating on a budget.

When floor space is limited, consider a wall mounted sink. The photo illustrating this design idea makes it clear that a wall mounted sink does not have to be an unattractive fixture that conjures up images of a rest area, but can be a trendy sink featuring clean lines and a crisp modern look.

Kelly also points out that it’s OK to include a variety of textures and even prints within a small bathroom. Just tie it all together by sticking with one featured color throughout the space.

The article further recommends addressing storage and décor needs simultaneously by attractively storing colorful towels on wall mounted storage solutions.

Textured 3-D tiles also make a great addition to a bathroom that is low on space. For instance, dimensional white tiles around the vanity mirror and bright pops of color on the adjacent walls make for a winning combination.

Here’s a bathroom improvement that you can carry out today with very little expense: place a glass vase on the vanity counter and fill it with colorful fresh flowers! When the bouquet begins to whither it’s time to get a new one, and this means you can keep experimenting with different bathroom accent colors throughout the year.

A deep window ledge can become a storage area and a display shelf in a small bathroom. Kelly recommends filling glass decanters with bath salts and other toiletry items so that your bathing supplies are handy, neatly stored, and a fun part of the bathroom décor.

Revisiting the idea of all white bathrooms, Kelly points out that colorful accents are important. Possibilities include bold paint on part of a wall or a bath math that introduces color and pattern to the space.

Lack of storage is a perennial issue in small bathrooms. However, you can make the most of the available wall space and make the room more attractive by hanging small glass shelves on a wall adorned with mosaic tiles.

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