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The best ways to keep your glass shower doors shiny include preventative measures before installation as well as a good care plan once the doors are installed. If you have not yet ordered your shower doors, you have the chance to make a decision that will drastically change the amount of time and effort needed to keep the unit shiny – order ShowerGuard glass. During the actual manufacturing process, ShowerGuard glass undergoes an ion-beam procedure that leaves its exterior permanently sealed and protected from staining and corrosive elements. When your unit is built from ShowerGuard glazing, you may not have to dry it after use, and the need for cleaning will definitely be reduced.

Another important product for keeping a shower door shiny is ClearShield. This is a less expensive alternative to ShowerGuard, and since it is a polymer resin sealant, it can be applied to your glass before or after installation. It offers long-lasting protection that makes your glass much easier to keep clean, and if you notice a reduction in its functionality as the years pass, the ClearShield coating can be re-applied.

If both ShowerGuard and ClearShield are out of your price range, you can still protect your glass from harmful minerals etc. in tap water. A number of spray-on glass protectants are available for homeowner purchase. These include –

• Invisible Shield
• Rain-X
• TPC Surface Protector, CR Laurence

Apply the protectant at the intervals indicated on the product label to protect your glass from mineral build-up, corrosion, and the like.

When it comes to shower door care, drying the glass after each shower is a vital step in keeping it shiny. We recommend keeping a squeegee or soft-towel near the shower, so that each user can conveniently remove the moisture from the glass. This is so important because permanent damage often occurs as a result of water droplets left to air-dry on the surface of the glass. (Note that in areas with soft or moderately hard water, you may not need to dry ShowerGuard glass after use.)
Another key element in keeping your shower doors shiny is cleaning the glass at appropriate intervals. If you have ShowerGuard glass or ClearShield coated glass, check the product websites for specific instructions about cleaning frequency. How often standard glass needs to be cleaned depends on –

• Condition of the tap water in your area.
• Number of showers taken per day.
• Faithfulness to the drying routine.
• Proper use of spray-on glass protectant.

You may find it helpful to start with a weekly cleaning and then adjust this if necessary.

A final consideration relates to the cleaners and materials you use on your shower glass. It is imperative to utilize only non-abrasive materials and approved cleaning agents. For ShowerGuard and ClearShield, you can find lists of approved products as well as cleaning tips on the product websites. For standard glass, ask the glass company from which you purchased the unit for a list of approved cleaners. Basically, you want to stay away from anything harsh, abrasive, or sharp when caring for  shower glass. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in permanent marring of the glass surface, so it’s worth taking the time to find the appropriate cleaning agents and materials for your glass shower.

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