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Custom glass mirror over bed

Bedroom mirror wall décor doesn’t just beautify the room; it also reflects light and gives the feeling of spaciousness. Thanks to custom mirrors, the possibilities for improving a bedroom design with reflective glass are practically limitless. Even standard mirrors make lovely bedroom wall ornaments, but custom mirrors give more freedom for creativity and innovation.

1. What do custom mirrors have to offer bedroom design?

Bedroom walls can be adorned with stock-size mirrors or custom mirrors. Sometimes, you may even use both in your decorating. Check out the pros and cons of each to determine what type of mirror is best for your situation.

Stock Mirrors

Pro: Mirrors with standard dimensions are less expensive than custom-cut mirrors.

Pro: Vison-obscuring glass makes highly used bathrooms more functional. A more private shower is often desirable for a guest bathroom or one shared by siblings.

Con: Most houses have small structural “oopsies” like corners that aren’t quite square and surfaces that aren’t perfectly level. If a stock-size mirror is installed adjacent to such an area, the imperfection will become apparent.

Con: A stock-size mirror may not do the trick if you want to cover a particular section of wall with mirror glass or if the mirror needs to fit within existing wall trim or an alcove.

Square framed mirror in bedroom

Custom Mirrors

Pro: If a custom mirror is being installed next to a structural irregularity, the glaziers will make minute adjustments to the dimensions so that it fits correctly and camouflages the issue.

Pro: Custom mirrors can be fabricated to completely cover specific walls or sections of walls.

Pro: Custom mirrors are the way to go if you want a unique mirror. The glass can be fabricated in most geometric shapes as well as many asymmetrical or custom shapes.

Pro: You can have mirror glass custom-cut to fit within trim-work or an alcove.

Pro: Thicknesses ranging from 1/4” (most common) to 1/8” can be chosen as appropriate to the surface on which the mirror will be installed.

Con: Because of the additional work involved, custom mirror glass is more expensive.

Mirror wall in a bedroom

2. What borders can be added to custom mirrors?

Border options are another feature that make custom mirrors appealing for bedroom wall décor. Polished edge mirrors don’t have any special border – they are simply flat mirrors with machine polished edges. As such, their appearance is classic and timeless, so they’re perfect for many applications or as an understated wall hanging in a modern space. Dressing mirrors and mirrored walls often consist of polished edge mirrors.

Mirrors with a bevel around the edge have also been used in decorating for decades and remain relevant today. The beveled edge gives it a decorative border that makes the mirror a more ornamental wall hanging. Using beveled edge mirrors to create wall mirror brings definition to each piece of glass for a “tiled” pattern.

If you want the custom mirror to really look like a wall hanging, a metal wrapped border is a wonderful option. Functioning as a simple frame, the thin strip of metal can match or provide a contrast to the other metal elements in the room. ABC Glass & Mirror, for instance, offers these finishes:

  • Chrome
  • Brushed nickel
  • Matte black
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
Metal wrapped mirror, beveled mirror and polished edge mirror

3. Can a mirror be cut to fit in a frame?

Yes! If you have a damaged framed mirror that would be perfect with your bedroom décor, a glass shop like ABC can cut a new piece of mirror glass to fit in the frame. In fact, you can typically have a mirror cut to fit in any frame. Keep in mind that sharp corners can be cut extending outward from the center of the glass, but a sharp corner can’t be cut inward as this will crack the glass. Common mirror shapes cut to fit in frames include:

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Diamond
  • Rectangle or square with rounded corners
  • Rectangle, square, or oval with wavy edges
Mirror cut to fit a frame

4. Can I order antique style mirror glass?

While genuine antique mirror might be hard to come by, you can order mirror that looks antique. With time, a mirror’s reflective backing deteriorates, which is what gives antique mirrors their aged patina. Antique style mirrors are created by taking new mirrors and removing some of the backing with acid. After this, a protective coating is applied to the back to preserve the desired appearance. Like standard mirror glass, antique mirror can be:

  • Cut to your desired dimensions.
  • Given a polished edged, a beveled edge, or a metal wrapped edge.
  • Cut into standard or unique shapes.
  • Fabricated to fit into a frame.

Including an antique style mirror in your bedroom décor gives your wall hangings the feeling of a collection that you’ve acquired over time. Antique mirror also coordinates with vintage furniture or historic architecture. However, decorators will also introduce it into modern spaces that feel sterile or need more character and depth.

Antique mirror glass

5. Should every bedroom have a full-length mirror?

From the primary bedroom to kids’ bedrooms to the guest suite, every bedroom really should have a full length mirror where the occupants can easily check their complete look – shoes, attire, hairstyle. In large suites, it’s easy to find wall space for a dressing mirror, but you might have to get more creative in small bedrooms:

  • In the space between two closet doors.
  • On the inside or outside of swinging closet doors.
  • On sliding closet doors.
  • On the inside of the room’s entry door.
  • Between two windows or in the space between a window and an adjoining wall.

While full length mirrors are installed to address a very practical need, they also impact the room’s décor. As you consider where to place the mirror, try to have it reflect one of the room’s more attractive features. A full length mirror can also be installed on the wall perpendicular to a window to enhance natural lighting. You can also give a dressing mirror the feel of a wall ornament by choosing a beveled or metal wrapped edge.

6. Does a gym wall mirror make sense if I have my workout space in my bedroom?

With the surging popularity of online training, many of us are setting up home gym areas in bedrooms, living rooms, basements, and spare rooms. A gym mirror is one of the extras that gives this type of space the feel of a professional gym. Even if your exercise area is in your bedroom, you can add a gym mirror while maintaining the room’s aesthetic. Some possibilities:

  • Have a big mirror installed where it can do double duty as a dressing mirror and gym mirror. 
  • Use large beveled mirrors to create a fancy mirrored wall which also makes it easy to correct mistakes and improve your form as you exercise.
  • Place decorative items – potted plants, tall tables stacked with books, huge vintage vases – on either side of the gym mirror so it looks more ornamental.
  • Hang curtains around it for a faux window effect.
  • Choose a metal wrapped or beveled gym mirror so it looks more like wall art.

If you need more tips on how to incorporate a gym mirror into your specific bedroom, contact ABC Glass & Mirror for design help.

Large double mirrors in a workout room

7. What is the best way to create a make-up station?

If your bedroom doesn’t have an adjoining bathroom, or if the suite’s bathroom is low on mirror space, try setting up a make-up station in the sleeping area. Key elements include:

  • A make-up table with a drawer.
  • A chair that allows you to sit comfortably at the make-up table.
  • vanity mirror.
  • Proper illumination. (LED light strips can work well here.)

Your make-up station will make life more convenient, but it can also be a beautiful focal point. In fact, there are some great style and theme options:

  • Ornate old-fashioned table and chair with an antique style mirror. (Think English manor house.)
  • Hollywood-inspired furniture and a round or square polished edge mirror surrounded by a string of stick-on LED bulbs.
  • Metal wrapped mirror, doilies on the table, and chintz covered chair for a granny chic nook.
  • Ultra modern table with clear acrylic chair and asymmetrical mirror shape.

Whether you choose a bold style or a timeless vibe, adding a make-up station can make your bedroom more functional and beautiful.

Beveled vanity mirror

8. How else can smaller mirrors be used as bedroom wall décor?

Sherry Nothingam of decoist calls a bedroom gallery wall “A Focal Point that is So Very Personal.” As she points out, a bedroom gallery wall is likely to be filled with items that are meaningful to the room’s occupants, such as photos of memorable family events.

Whatever pieces you choose for your display, including one or more mirrors is a wonderful way to add beauty and visual interest. You can have a small mirror custom cut to fit in a favorite frame, order a beveled antique mirror to the give the display a layered feel, or even opt for an unusually shaped mirror.

Smaller mirrors can also be used on their own to dress up a bedroom wall. Some possibilities:

  • Three narrow full length mirrors installed at even intervals along a section of wall.
  • A mirror gallery wall made up entirely of small mirrors with different shapes, styles, frames, borders, etc.
  • Small mirrors fitting within trim-work, nooks, or alcoves on the bedroom wall.
  • A rectangular mirror above each night stand.
  • Oval, circular, square, or rectangular mirror above the dresser.
Small, simple mirror design

9. What are some mirrored wall options for a bedroom?

Mirrored walls are awesome for making a small space feel larger, illuminating a gloomy room by reflecting light, and dressing up an ordinary sleeping area. You have several options for creating a mirrored wall in a bedroom:

  • Cover wall space with one or more large polished edge mirrors installed adjacent to one another. This look is crisp and modern and also gives you plenty of reflective glass to use as a dressing mirror. You can have mirrors extend from wall to wall and floor to ceiling with no gaps, have a thin gap between the mirrored wall and the surrounding surfaces, or cover just part of a given wall with mirror.
  • Install several large mirrors equidistant from one another. Beveled rectangular mirrors look especially nice in this layout.
  • Cover wall space with many small mirrors arranged in a geometric pattern. Using beveled square or rectangular mirrors for this creates an elegant “tiled” effect.
Mirror wall options to display in a bedroom

10. What is the best way to style a wall mirror?

A mirror is a gorgeous décor element on its own, but you can optimize its impact by pairing it with other attractive items. Let’s go over some FAQs about mirror styling.

What are some nice items to place on a table or shelf below the mirror?

In front of a mirror is the best place for your favorite items and those that do the most to enhance the room’s ambiance:

  • A vase of flowers
  • Potted plants
  • Sculptures
  • Handmade pottery or wooden bowls
  • An assortment of candles in chic holders
  • A glass bowl filled with fruit or geometric ornaments

How about styling the wall around a mirror:

You can absolutely complement a wall mirror by decorating the surrounding surface:

  • Make a faux frame by surrounding a mirror with peel and stick tiles or border strips, driftwood, stick-on LED lights, or stenciling.
  • Create a window effect by installing curtains above a mirror and then pulling them off to either side.
  • Hang dried flowers, a large bow, or another ornament at the top of the mirror.

What are some tips for styling a mirror that extends down to the floor?

Placing decorative pieces on either side of a large bedroom mirror gives you a stunning focal point. Items that do well in this role include:

  • Oversized vases.
  • Ornamental potted trees.
  • 3-wick candles on tall stands.
  • Large statues or other sculptures.
  • Tall bookcases or display cabinets.
Oversized framed mirrors

11. Can a mirror be added to any wall?

Typically, any wall can be decorated with mirror glass; however, your design options are sometimes limited by existing fixtures and wall conditions. For example, there might by outlets and light switches where you want a mirrored wall or a ridge on the wall where you’d like to hang a decorative antique style mirror. There are several ways to approach this.

Mirror wall obstacle graphic

As you can see, one possibility is having your mirror customized with cut-outs. These can allow you to decorate with mirrors without reference to the placement of outlets and switches on the wall. Due to the precision and expertise involved, this does raise the price. If you want to keep costs down, it might be better to adjust the mirror dimensions or placement.

Another issue that can arise is structural irregularities, as in dips and rises on the surface of a wall. Points to keep in mind are:

  • Glaziers can generally work around small dips and rises by using shims and spacers.
  • A large rise on a wall is a problem because it will prevent the mirror from sitting flat and thus leave gaps around the edges.
  • Mirrors can be installed with spacers so that they “float” out from the wall. This could be a way to work around a ridge or hump on the wall.

12. How can I have custom bedroom wall mirrors installed?

Contact a reputable local glass shop to have custom bedroom mirrors delivered and installed. Home and business owners in the Northern Virginia area can call family owned and operated ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150. First, we schedule a free consultation and measure at your home or commercial site. One of our estimators will:

  • Inspect the wall where the mirrors are going and note any special circumstances.
  • Take and record relevant measurements.
  • Show you photos and samples.
  • Answer questions and offer design tips.

Our office team will follow up with an emailed price quote, and you can place your order when ready. The bedroom mirror project comes to completion with professional installation of the mirrors. Our mirrors come with a warranty, and we can provide care and cleaning advice. Decorating bedroom walls with mirrors is one of the easiest ways to style up the space, and the ABC team is here to help – (703)257-7150.

Custom mirror wall

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