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Your beautiful remodeled bathroom will only reach its full potential with the right designs for the tub and shower.  These prominent features need to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also relaxing retreats that foster tranquility and renewal. Explore the many creative options on today’s shower and tub market, and find the perfect fixtures for your space.

Free-Standing Tub Inside the Shower Enclosure

In large bathrooms, one attractive option is to have a very large clear glass shower enclosure installed so that it houses not only the shower area but your soaker tub as well. This is a fresh and elegant twist on the simple tub-shower combos that many of us are familiar with. With this design, the bathing options are united within the glass enclosure, but you still have two distinct choices – a shower or a soak in the tub. Be sure to choose clear glass for the shower so that this space will unite the beauty of glass with a view of your freestanding tub as well as the shower tile.

Overflow Bathtub

If you want to make your bathroom feel like a high-end spa, consider adding an overflow bathtub. These unique tubs are designed to be filled to the very top and then overflow onto into a drain area. The drain system can even be covered with natural pebbles for added luxury. If you like to fill your tub as full as possible for a soothing soak, consider an overflow bathtub.

Clear Glass Walk-In Shower

A beautiful walk-in shower will add charm to your bathroom, but it is also one of the most accessible shower options available today. Features include:

• A large shower stall
• An open entryway with no door panel.
• Water containment through floor slope, shower head placement, and drain location.

A frameless glass shower enclosure exudes a sense of space and openness, so these units are able to powerfully impact the room’s overall ambiance. If enhanced accessibility is one of your objectives, be sure to also make the entrance curbles, which will eliminate a possible trip hazard.

Free-Standing Copper Tub

When you want a tub that really stands out, consider a deep, freestanding bathtub made of copper. This will serve as a the room’s unique focal point and add beauty to the space every day. Moreover, it gives you the perfect place in which to unwind at days’ end. You can tie it into the space by using copper hardware on other fixtures – a copper shower door handle, for instance.

Your Very Own Steam Shower

What better partner for the lovely tubs we’ve been discussing than a steam shower enclosure? ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers a high-end line of custom steam showers fashioned from clear tempered glass. These enclosures are the finishing touch needed for your steam shower equipment. They are built from heavy glass, seal up from ceiling to floor, and include an operable transom for steam control. With ABC, you can also choose the handles and hinges that best coordinate with the rest of the space. Having a custom steam shower installed in your master bath takes it to the next level in both visual appeal and relaxation-promoting properties.

Highlight a Special Tub with a Unique Wall

If you opt for a glamorous free-standing bathtub, you can create a dynamic focal point by doing something special with the wall behind the tub. Possibilities include:

• Installing small glass shelves or creating recessed niches where you can place candles and vintage glass decanters.
• Creating a living wall of hanging moss and other flora.
• Covering this wall with back-painted Dreamwalls glass in a bold or tranquil tone.
• Creating a contemporary mosaic of small pieces of Dreamwalls glass on this wall space.
• Installing tiles with an eye-catching pattern.
• Hanging an antique store find such as a medallion, painted screen, or vintage sign.

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Design a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

If you have a large master bathroom, there are tons of possibilities for a one-of-a-kind glass shower enclosure. Working with the experienced craftsmen at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., you can determine the specific shape and size of the new shower. You can rest assured that each piece of glass will be fabricated to correspond to the particular measurements and conditions associated with your shower area. Furthermore, you get to pick the glass type – clear, ultra-clear, patterned, frosted, tinted, or cast – as well as the hardware style and finish. Adding a custom frameless, semi-frameless, or framed shower stall to your bathroom is a sure method for improving its functionality and overall atmosphere.

Explore the Many Tub Options Available

Soaker tubs today can be made from many different substances, including acrylic, fiberglass, and ceramic. However, the choices do not stop here. You’ll also want to consider freestanding bathtubs fashioned from:

• Stone, including granite, marble, and sandstone
• Metal, including copper, stainless steel, and cast iron
• Wood, including cedar, oak, and teak

Whether you want a vintage style claw-foot tub or a modern handmade wooden bathtub, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

Boost Your Shower’s Appeal with Extra Amenities

Your glass shower will be extra-special when you add finishing touches that set it apart from the norm. For instance, an LED lit rain-style shower head lets you ease into the morning by showering in a bathroom illumined by only the sparkling lights on your overhead shower spray. What’s more your glass enclosure can go beyond visual beauty, by also appealing to the senses of smell, hearing, and touch. Examples include:

• An aromatherapy kit for the shower head.
• In-shower waterproof speakers.
• Extra body jets.
• Hand-held movable shower spray.
• Natural stone floor tiles.
• Textured accent tiles on the wall.

Make a Statement with a Claw-Foot Tub

Whether you find a genuine antique bathtub or buy a modern replica of the claw-foot tubs of the past, choosing this vintage look will make a strong statement of style in your bathroom. These tubs evoke the more formal décor of previous decades, so you can continue this theme by including a hand-painted screen, furniture-style vanity, and ornately framed mirror in the room’s ensemble. Use clear glass on the shower enclosure for an eclectic blending of old and new, or choose frosted glass with its old-fashioned charm.

Consider a Shower Enclosure with Double Swinging Doors

For a shower that becomes the room’s aesthetic focal point, consider using double doors made of clear glass. These twin swinging doors on the glass shower enclosure conjure up images of a spa or a luxurious resort. What’s more, they bring added convenience by creating a wide entrance/exit when both opened. Double glass doors can be customized to emanate the desired style by your choice of handles and hinges. From simple to fancy, there are handles and hinges that will coordinate with your bathroom décor whether it is contemporary, transitional, or traditional. For the most elegant effect, select a frameless design for your glass enclosure with swinging doors.

How About a Chandelier Over the Tub?

Whichever amazing tub option you choose, it will look better with a chandelier above it! This can be something big and sparkly in a posh, roomy bathroom, but it could also be a sleek modern fixture if that jives better with the room’s theme. Either way, adding an alternate lighting option above the tub increases the room’s visual appeal. Be sure to use an adjustable switch, so that a calming ambiance can be created. When placing a chandelier over a bathtub, it’s also vital to make sure it does not hang down so low that you will bump your head on it when exiting the tub. If this is an issue, alternatives include a unique floor lamp in this part of the bathroom or a sconce on a wall near the tub.

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ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Is Your One-Stop Shop for a Shower Enclosure and Other Glass!

While we can’t sell you a bathtub, ABC Glass and Mirror is here with the selection of custom shower enclosures that you need to find the perfect fixture for your bathroom. The best partner for your dazzling new soaker tub is a glass shower stall, and our range of frameless, semi-frameless, and framed installations offer you tons of possibilities. Variables for you to decide on can include:

• Glass type: clear, ultra-clear, frosted, patterned, tinted, and cast
• Glass thickness
• Enclosure type: frameless, semi-frameless, and framed
• Enclosure style: in-line door and panel, right-angle, neo-angle, steam, custom, L-shaped
• Door type: swinging, by-pass, rolling “barn-style”
• Handle and hinge style
• Hardware finish
• Upgrades such as ShowerGuard glass

In addition to relying on ABC for your glass shower needs, you can count on us for other glass bathroom fixtures including vanity mirrors, glass shelves, Dreamwalls back-painted glass wall-coverings, and glass partitions. Each product we offer can be customized to your needs and the unique space in which you are working. Call today and schedule a free in-home consultation and quotee with one of our helpful estimators. We look forward to hearing from you when you dial 703-257-7150!

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