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Styles for bathroom vanity mirrors span a vast array of designs, so it should not be hard to find the look that’s just right for your space. Have a clear idea of your bathroom décor goals and be sure to take the time to explore the many types of vanity mirrors on the market today.

Custom vanity mirrors are fabricated according to your particular specifications. This means the mirror can be the shape and size you desire, but it also means that it will be tailored to the unique conditions in your bathroom. If your sink area includes any non-square corners or out of level surfaces, a custom mirror will be specially cut to compensate for these irregularities.

A popular choice for a custom vanity mirror is a framed mirror. The addition of a frame gives your mirror extra personality and a more defined style. If you work with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. you have two options for a achieving a framed vanity mirror.

•    Order a new piece of custom mirror glass as well as a frame. The mirror will be affixed to the wall and then the frame will be added.
•    Order just a frame and have it added to a mirror already adhered to the wall.

Polished-edge mirrors are on the other end of the spectrum from framed mirrors. They are defined by simplicity and modern flair. The entire surface of the mirror is smooth, ending in a machine-polished edge. Beveled edge mirrors can be seen as a middle road between framed and polished. A bevel cut into the perimeter of the mirror creates a delicate border and dresses up the mirror. Beveled vanity mirrors coordinate with many bathroom styles and themes.

Choosing the correct size for your vanity mirror is also important. Possibilities include:

•    Wall-to-wall mirror that provides plenty of space for multiple users.
•    Mirror reaching up to the ceiling to make a small bathroom feel more spacious.
•    Two mid-size mirrors, one over each sink on a double vanity.

With regard to polished-edge mirrors in particular, there are a wide range of shapes available. Rectangle, oval, and square are some of the most popular mirror shapes. However, homeowners can also opt for the unique look created by a mirror in the shape of a:

•    Diamond
•    Circle
•    Triangle
•    Half-circle
•    Teardrop

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