Without tidiness and organization in your bathroom, even stunning renovations like the addition of a new glass shower door will not reach their full aesthetic potential. In order to let the beauty of your bathroom design shine through, it’s vital to solve organization problems in a lasting way. Let’s look at creative to solutions to common tidiness issues in the bathroom.

Modern décor trends favor simplicity and openness, so a great first start in organizing your bathroom is having open glass shelving installed. Choose clear glass for a minimalist look that does not visually take up space. The new shelves add storage surfaces to your bathroom, and this automatically makes reducing clutter easier. Glass shelves can house a wide range of items, and a little creativity can make storage aesthetically appealing. For instance, towels and washcloths can be rolled instead of folded for a more dramatic look. You can go a step further and buy some cheap hand towels in trendy colors and keep them permanently stored among the others to add visual appeal. You can even improve the look of stored toilet paper rolls by interspersing quaint bargain aisle items such as specialty soap bars and glass decanters.

The words, “storage bins” might bring to mind unattractive plastic containers. However, today’s market includes a diverse assortment of bin options, so you can use these convenient items for both storage and décor. Here are some examples:

  • Woven bins: Made from everything from felt to polypropylene, woven bins work with traditional, transitional, and contemporary styled bathrooms.
  • Wicker bins: Timeless and versatile, wicker bins are perfect for giving the bathroom a fresh, outdoorsy feel. They can be used for everything from a laundry hamper to a place to store extra toiletry items for guests.
  • Upcycled wood bins: Flea markets and garage sales are the perfect places to score wooden crates and containers that can be converted into storage bins for your bathroom. You can use these items “as is” for vintage flair, or you can paint and decorate them as one-of-a-kind accent pieces.

Whatever type of storage bins are best for your bathroom, remember that they work well in conjunction with glass shelving. With bins on the shelves, you do not even need to worry about storing your belongings attractively; you simply stash them in the bins!

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