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HouseBeautiful – presents 25 ideas for designing a small bathroom. Check out the article highlights below and be inspired to make the most of the available space in your small bathroom.


Woven Baskets

A small bathroom often has neither a vanity nor a linen closet. While these may be space saving choices, they can leave you in a bind when it comes to towel storage. Try stashing cute woven storage baskets under the sink as an attractive and inexpensive solution.


Corner Sink

Most people are familiar with the concept of a corner shower, but how about a corner sink? A small angled sink can be tucked in a bathroom corner and finished off with a charming cloth skirt behind which you can create hidden storage space.


Make Smart Use of Space

If you choose to add a large fixture – such as an oversized tub – to a small bathroom it’s important to compensate elsewhere. For example, create recessed glass shelves behind the tub for a handy and visually appealing storage solution.


a white bathroom with a mirror and sink in the far end next to a window

A Washstand that Includes Towel Bars

Another interesting alternative to a traditional vanity is a metal stand that includes bars on which towels can be hung. This eliminates the need for towel bars extending into your limited space elsewhere in the bathroom.


Oval Sink

If you seek more vanity counter space, opt for an oval sink rather than one that is square or rectangular.


Pair Intricate Floor Tile with Simplicity Everywhere Else

Fancy patterned floor tiles are lovely in a small bathroom. However, in order to keep the whole space from becoming busy and hectic, it is important to offset the busyness of the floor with plain, neutral wall space.


Get One Wide Sink When There’s Not Room for Two

If there isn’t space for two sinks in your master bathroom, consider settling for one wide sink. It’s also wise to opt for a wall-mounted vanity since having fewer items actually resting on the floor can create the illusion of spaciousness.


Put Mirror Glass to Work for You

Installing a large mirror on one of the empty walls in a small bathroom instantly generates the impression of more space.


Extend the Tile into the Shower

Using the same continuous tile pattern on the shower floor as the rest of the bathroom floor makes the space seem bigger because it visually includes the shower in the room as a whole.


A Vanity with Curved Corners

If you can find a vanity you like with curved corners, it will give your small bathroom a boost in two ways:

• Give you a little more floor space around the sink.
• Reduce the risk of bumping into a sharp corner in the limited bathroom space.


Clear Glass Shower Doors

Selecting a transparent glass shower enclosure in lieu of a curtain or privacy glass will also help the bathroom feel more spacious. When the shower interior is not blocked from sight it remains part of the square footage and contributes to the overall size of the bathroom.


Oval Vanity Mirrors

Oval vanity mirrors draw the eye upward, making ceilings seem higher. This has a positive effect on the ambiance of a small bathroom.


Know the Value of a Ledge

When there’s not room for a vanity, try adding a small ledge behind the sink. After all, you need someplace to set toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors!


A Sliding Entry Door

A creative way to save space in a compact bathroom is by altering the entry door. Instead of a swinging door that opens into the bathroom, hang a slide door panel on a rod attached to the wall outside the bathroom.


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