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Last year Forbes writer Emma Reynolds pointed out that “A home gym is a wonderful investment to stay fit and healthy during these unprecedented times.” While the times have changed somewhat, our interest in home workout spaces has remained. On the luxurious side of things, some are including large, fully equipped gyms in their new homes, while others of us are tucking exercise mats in living room corners. If you’ve been wondering how to work a home gym into your current living space or make it part of an upcoming remodel, you might be overlooking the bathroom’s potential.

The bathroom is actually a good place to exercise.

There’s no ignoring the bathroom for Italian home design company Scavolini! They offer a high-end bathroom home gym setup called Gym Space that tastefully integrates gymnastics bars, a bench, and other workout options with bathroom fixtures like a sink and storage shelves. After all, why not? Exercising in the bathroom does make sense in many ways. 

  • Large wall mirrors are important design elements that serve practical purposes in both bathrooms and gyms.
  • If your bathroom is on the roomier side, there’s probably a good bit of floor space that isn’t used for anything in particular. (Just what you’ve been looking for in terms of a place for your home gym.)
  • Having your fitness area right next to the shower is convenient, not to mention ideal for post-workout recovery and relaxation.

Custom glass helps you stylishly combine a bathroom and gym.

Of course this is only practical in a relatively large space, so your main bathroom is probably the most likely candidate. Since this bathroom often doubles as a home spa area (or a least a pleasant room where you can relax in a hot shower!), you don’t want its ambiance ruined by exercise gear. However, by choosing items thoughtfully and making the most of custom glass installations, you can incorporate the gym into the bathroom in a stylish and practical way.

  • At least one mirror is already part of your bathroom design. If you need to add an additional mirror in your exercise area, make it look like a piece of wall art by choosing a beveled edge mirror, having the mirror wrapped with a thin metal border, or opting for antique style mirror glass. 
  • If a large piece of exercise equipment would ruin your bathroom’s vibe, it can be hidden behind a custom glass partition made of acid-etched, patterned, tinted, or back painted glass.
  • Having a steam shower near your gym area is a wonderful amenity. Enclose it with frameless shower glass for a modern look that ties in perfectly with large wall mirrors.
  • Glass shelves double as wall ornaments and the extra storage space you need for gym towels, exercise bands, and water bottles.

Tips for avoiding pitfalls and keeping the project stress-free.

Putting your home gym in the bathroom does require more thought than plopping your kettlebells and exercise ball in a bedroom nook. For one thing, bathrooms are places of humidity and moisture. Good ventilation is key as is choosing appropriate equipment and placing it out of reach of water droplets. And of course the bathroom isn’t the best place for every type of workout. Consider your own safety – proximity to glass installations, for example – as well as possible damage, such as dropping a weight on a tile floor. Finally, a professional glass shop like ABC Glass & Mirror can help by designing, delivering, and installing items like large wall mirrors, custom glass shelves, and glass shower enclosures. Give us a call to learn more – (703)257-7150.

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