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Improve bathroom design with these helpful tips for adding style and charm to the vanity area! Most trips to the bathroom involve time spent at the sink, so you want this space to be functional and beautiful, with a great ambiance. Let’s explore some of the ways to enhance this part of the bathroom.

A Vanity Makeover

The first point to consider is whether the vanity itself is an attractive fixture. If not, you may be able to change this by giving it a makeover.

  • Replace the door fronts with clear, frosted, or patterned cabinet glass.
  • Replace the interior shelves with glass shelving.
  • Switch out the door handles.

Adding glass to the vanity instantly gives it a fresh look and brings charm to a boring cabinet. Choose glass that harmonizes with other fixtures in the room such as a glass shower door.

Vanity Options

Perhaps it’s time to totally replace the vanity. If so, don’t limit yourself, but explore the whole myriad of options in today’s home décor market.

  • “Furniture style” vanity from a home improvement retailer.
  • Piece of furniture (desk, dresser, cabinet) that is converted into a vanity.
  • Vanity made from reclaimed lumber such as barnwood.
  • Floating vanity that is attached to the wall but does not touch the ground.

The perfect vanity for your space is determined by a number of factors including available space and whether the room’s style is traditional, modern, or transitional.

A New Vanity Mirror

After the vanity itself, the mirror is one of the most prominent fixtures in this part of the bathroom. Working with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., you can often simply add a frame to a standard size vanity mirror that is already attached to your wall. This is a quick and easy way to get a vanity mirror with more personality and visual appeal. Other mirror options include:

  • Beveled mirrors
  • Mirror that extends up to the ceiling
  • Custom mirror shape
  • Mirror that stands off from the wall

Spruce Up the Vanity Top

Clutter on the vanity top is a bad thing, but unless it’s very small, you can add one or two accents items without causing a problem. Bringing in a green plant helps make the room’s atmosphere fresh and calm, so this is an easy go-to. Other possibilities include candles in fancy holders, a little basket of specialty soaps, a vase of flowers, or even a seashell. If the vanity counter is large, you might even be able to put a lamp on the vanity. This would not only dress up the counter but would give the room an alternate lighting choice.

Don’t Forget the Faucet

Changing out the faucet and handles can make your sink look much different. You can update to a trendy metal, choose a unique faucet that will define the sink, or simply replace a faucet that is scratched or corroded.

Call ABC for Glass and Mirror Needs

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