Lori Johnston of HGTV shares her “25 Sensational Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget,” and ABC Glass and Mirror can help you put these tips into practice in your home. Let’s check out a few of Lori’s tricks for beautifying a little bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. The first suggestion is simply, “Keep It Simple.” This design tip is illustrated by a monochromatic white bathroom with a single red chair for color. Additionally, the room is drenched in natural light streaming in through the untreated windows.

ABC can help create this look in a couple ways. For starters, our back painted glass is available in any desired color and can serve as a backsplash, shower wall panel, or wall covering. This is ideal for achieving simple beauty and keeping everything one neutral color. Moving on to windows, it’s great to leave them free of curtains and blinds, but this can be a privacy issue in many bathrooms. ABC can replace standard window glass with frosted or patterned glazing that lets natural light in while providing a measure of privacy.

2. Lori’s next tip is to “Use Floor Space,” which is exemplified by a beautiful wall-mounted sink with chic baskets full of linens on the floor below it.

While we don’t sell snazzy baskets, ABC Glass and Mirror can be part of your effort to use wasted floor space. For example, even a small bathroom might have an unused nook or corner where you could put a repurposed cupboard or cabinet. ABC can help you turn a flea market find into a lovely accent piece by replacing the original door fronts and shelves with glass. Our custom cabinet glass and shelving can also be used to refresh an old vanity.

3. Along with advice to “Streamline Your Sconces” by removing the globes, tip #3 highlights the visual appeal of open shelves stocked with baskets. This look accentuates simplicity, functionality, and beauty.

Custom glass shelves from ABC are an especially attractive option for open shelving. The glass can stand up to the humidity often present in a bathroom, and glass shelves and shower doors make a fabulous pairing.

4. The “Perfect Paint Job” includes painting the bathroom ceiling if you want to create designer vibes. Pictured with this design idea is a bathroom with colorful wallpaper and a brightly painted ceiling.

Backpainted glass from ABC can be matched to your chosen paint color. Special ordered, custom color-matched glass is an ideal product when you need a backsplash or wall covering that meets your specific preferences for both color and dimensions.

5. Coming in at #5 is “Add Design Appeal with Shiplap.” This wall treatment can create the illusion of space in a compact bathroom and matches a variety of décor styles.

Count on ABC for a vanity mirror that complements your shiplap and emphasizes your chosen décor theme. For a farmhouse or vintage bathroom, consider “antique” mirror glass. We also offer beveled and oversized vanity mirrors and can add cutouts to accommodate existing fixtures.

Check out Lori’s 20 remaining tips for further inspiration in remodeling a tiny bathroom while keeping costs down. And remember that however you choose to transform your space, ABC Glass and Mirror sells and installs clear glass shower enclosures that make any room seem larger! For more info and to receive a free estimate, call ABC at (703)257-7150.