When a full renovation isn’t in the budget, you can still give your bathroom a facelift with one of these inexpensive decorating ideas. (And when you are ready make some major changes, ABC Glass and Mirror is here to supply and install your glass showervanity mirror, and more!)

Invite Nature in to Create a More Relaxing Space

Including natural and nature-inspired elements in a bathroom, keeps it fresh and inviting. Possibilities include:

  • Fresh bouquets on the vanity counter – budded twigs in spring, flowers in summer, branches of golden leaves in fall, and evergreen in winter.
  • Wall hangings and knick-knacks made with pebbles or shells.
  • Potted plants near the tub to create the feeling of bathing the forest.
  • A bamboo bath mat.

Bring Your Existing Fixtures Together with a Unifying Color or Style

Does your bathroom lack a clear theme? Is it home to appliances and accessories from different eras? Some styles typically include eclectic pieces and are perfect for sprucing up this type of space. For example, almost any bathroom can be given a coastal theme. Just think about beach house bathrooms and how various nautical and oceanic accessories give them character and seaside vibes. Besides adding items that feature anchors and flip flops, you’ll want to lean toward beachy colors such as aquamarine and coral. It is also easy to transform a boring white-walled space into a “farmhouse” bathroom. Embrace the color white for everything from your rugs to your curtains and then add some authentic farm pieces from a flea market or antique shop for “Fixer Upper” charm.

Add One Special Piece for a Transformative Focal Point

Splurging on just one unique or beautiful piece can change the personality of the whole bathroom and distract the eye from less attractive features. Ideas include:

  • Hang a fancy chandelier above the tub or sink.
  • Have an old desk or table repurposed as a custom vanity.
  • Replace your existing sink and vanity counter and upgrade to a vessel sink.
  • Cover the wall space behind the sink with backpainted glass.
  • Buy a cute chair and pair it with a simple mirror and makeup table.

If your focal point is a bold color or has a unique shape it is more likely to stand out and redefine the room’s style.

Buy Items that Double as Useful Accessories and Décor Accents

When redecorating on a budget, you want to make sure that every penny is money well spent. Buying a bathroom necessity should also mean buying something that will add appeal to the space. Choose quality bath towels in a color or pattern that is currently trending. Opt for a cute or funky toilet paper holder rather than something boring. Even a trash can has the ability to add beauty if you choose one with the texture, shape, and colors that are right for your bathroom décor.

Dress Up Existing Fixtures

Add visual appeal to your current fixtures when you can’t afford to replace them. For example, you might add stenciling or a frame around a vanity mirror. Rough boards can be adhered to the wall for the look of a rustic frame, but you can also make one from driftwood or even smooth boards with shells or beads glued to them. Likewise, a vanity can be spruced up with new knobs and a coat of paint. Finally, don’t forget what a thorough cleaning can do for fixtures like glass shower doors!

Have fun giving your bathroom a makeover, and remember to give ABC a ring at (703)257-7150 when you’re ready for a free consultation and estimate!