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If you have an old bathroom with pastel fixtures and tile, it seems that it’s now back in style. Houzz asked readers to share not only their thoughts on this comeback, but photos of their own vintage pastel bathrooms.

Homeowners responded enthusiastically, and the pictured bathrooms, many of which date back to the 1920’s, are in remarkably good condition with pristine tiles, clean grout, and functional fixtures. The color schemes in these special bathrooms take us back to a different era and are quite varied, with pink being extremely popular – pink and blue, pink and burgundy, pink and green, pink and black, and just pink!

Other combos include peach and black, an unforgettable restroom with green, purple, pink, and gray tile, and a mauve and gray bathroom from the color-resurgent 1980’s.

pink sink

Along with the heavy dose of pastels, many of these bathrooms include retro flair such as unique toilet styles or a glass shower door with a swan etched on it. Owners of these color-heavy spaces have varied attitudes toward the look; some are delighted that they preserved the vintage lavatory long enough for its colors to again be appreciated by the interior design community, while others are eager to “de-pink” the space and start fresh.

These strong reactions are not surprising, as a bathroom with pastel fixtures and tiles undoubtedly makes a strong statement, one that is impossible to overlook or ignore. However, some homeowners are taking a quasi-middle of the road approach by keeping some of the pastel items while bringing in key updates such as new paint or a modern commode. Check out the photos for yourself to make your own decision about whether the returning popularity of pastel bathrooms is something to celebrate or something to mourn.

pink shower with a toilet and two sinks next to it

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