Using back painted glass and installing mirrors are two fresh ideas for creating an accent wall in your home. Which type of glass wall panels – painted glass or reflective glass – is best for your project? Let’s take a look at the features of each option.

Back Painted Glass vs. Mirrors – Two Versatile Accent Wall Materials

Both back painted glass and mirrors offer excellent versatility for an accent wall. Back painted glass is available from ABC Glass and Mirror in any custom color you can think of, making it easy to coordinate the accent wall with other elements in the room. Mirror glass is not available in unlimited colors, but it harmonizes with any color and décor theme, so your mirrored wall will “match” even if you redecorate. Also, you can select antique mirror glass if you need it to coordinate with heirloom furnishings.

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Back Painted Glass vs. Mirrors – Accent Wall Ideas Help Small Rooms

A small space can be improved by back painted glass wall panels and by mirrors, but mirrors have the edge here. There are a couple great features offered by these accent wall ideas.

  • White or pale back painted glass can definitely brighten a little room and make it feel more spacious.
  • Wall mirrors don’t just add sparkle to a tiny space; by reflecting the room they literally make it look twice as large.

For both products, keep in mind that you can cover an entire wall or simply hang a huge mirror or large glass wall panel for a similar but less dramatic effect.

Back Painted Glass vs. Mirrors – Draw Attention to a Room’s Best Features with an Accent Wall

Back painted glass wall panels and mirrors from ABC Glass and Mirror are customizable, so you can use them to accentuate a room’s best traits. Examples include a wall that already has an appealing element such as a built-in shelf, unique wall paneling, or a window with a view. Custom cut pieces of colored or reflective glass can be professionally installed around the existing feature to draw attention to it while adding additional beauty to the wall. ABC uses precise measuring and/or templates to deliver and install glass that fits in unusual or irregular spaces.

Back Painted Glass vs. Mirrors – Blend of Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal

If you want a wall covering that unites practical features with a stylish appearance, both back painted glass and mirror glass accent wall ideas are worth considering.

  • Like a chalkboard wall, a back painted glass wall can double as a space to write reminders and lists or let kids draw. (Use a whiteboard marker on the glass.) Glass resists staining and can be easily wiped clean to offer a fresh, crisp look when company is coming.
  • Besides adorning a home, a wall mirror can serve as a dressing mirror in a bedroom, a vanity room in a large master bath, or a mirror for checking your appearance as you leave the entryway.
  • Mirror glass also illuminates a space by reflecting light. This is especially effective when it is installed behind a chandelier or opposite a window.

Back Painted Glass vs. Mirrors – Part of a Gallery on Your Accent Wall

Many accent wall ideas involve hanging a gallery of art, collectibles, photos, etc. on a single wall. There are a number of ways to use back painted glass wall panels and mirrors in this type of display.

  • A one-of-a-kind gallery wall can be formed by installing various mirrors and/or pieces of colored glass in a pleasing arrangement on your accent wall.
  • If you are creating a gallery wall using artwork or heirlooms, you can also include a mirror or piece of painted glass to mix things up a bit.

ABC Glass and Mirror Can Assist Northern VA Homeowners with Back Painted Glass and Mirrors

Feel free to think beyond paint and wall paper as you peruse accent wall ideas. Back painted glass wall panels and mirrors are trendy, contemporary options with their own special characteristics. The ABC Glass and Mirror team would be happy to speak with you about your ideas for creating a glass accent wall, so give us a ring at (703)257-7150.