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ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. brings useful acrylic sheeting options to homeowners and businesspersons in Fairfax, VA. This sturdy glass-substitute resists breakage and sports a glass-like appearance, which makes it well-suited for many commercial and residential applications. So if you think we might have something to offer your project, be sure to schedule our free visit to your site, which includes a gratis quote. (703)257-7150 is the number to call to reach the polite, friendly glass team at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., and we’d also be glad to meet with you in person at our pleasant showroom in Manassas Park – 8395 B Euclid Avenue.

Various thickness and dimension options are available to our acrylic sheeting customers in the Fairfax area. We have a small assortment of stock sheets on hand that you may purchase and take with you, but we specialize in ordering and installing custom pieces. We’ll inspect and measure the installation site as needed, order your customized acrylic sheets, call to schedule our next visit, and put your items in place.

Additionally, to meet varied client needs and preferences, this product can be supplied in a range of thicknesses including:

  •    1/4″
  •    1/8”
  •    1/16”

However, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.’s acrylic sheeting possibilities do not end with dimensions and thickness. Fairfax, VA residents can also choose opaque, colored acrylic sheeting in lieu of clear pieces. This colored acrylic sheeting is perfect for bold decorating plans and applications in which the creation of privacy is desirable. Alternatively, clear acrylic is ideal when you’re protecting items on display, replacing glass, or putting together an inconspicuous safety rail. If you have questions or can’t decide which one would work best for your project, remember that the free in-home consultation makes it possible for you to make an informed decision. To summarize, some of your acrylic sheeting choices are

  •    Clear
  •    White
  •    Yellow
  •    Green
  •    Blue
  •    Red
  •    Black.

While acrylic sheeting is the right safety glass in many cases, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. also recognizes that Fairfax residents may have projects where a different material would be a better fit. For this reason, we also offer options like tempered glass and Lexan. Call 703-257-7150, make your appointment for a visit from one of our glaziers, find the safety glass you need, and watch as your project is wrapped up with professional installation of your sheeting!

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