BlogRich Bathroom Vanity Mirrors  by ABC Glass & Mirror

Your remodeled bathroom is not complete without the perfect vanity mirror hanging above the sink. Custom options make it easy to decorate this wall space with a mirror that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Understanding your mirror choices is the first step in finding the perfect vanity mirror for your space.

Practical Considerations

As you begin browsing mirror options, take time to think about what practical features the mirror needs in order to be functional and convenient for the bathroom users.

For instance, does it need to be wide enough for two people to make use of it simultaneously? If this is the case, would one large mirror or two separate mirrors look best? If it is a master bathroom with double sinks, double mirrors can be very attractive.

If the bathroom is small, you can even put the vanity mirror to work making it look bigger. Ways to do this include:

  • Extending the mirror up to the ceiling.
  • Installing a large mirror so that it reflects more and visually stretches the room.
  • Pairing the vanity mirror with another wall mirror strategically placed opposite a window or other attractive feature.

Types of Mirror Glass

A piece of mirror glass can be beveled or can simply end in a machine-polished edge. On a beveled mirror, the glass is angled down around the perimeter, forming a bevel. This added detail makes these mirrors a bit dressier. Beveling is a nice way to add a subtle border to your vanity mirror.

Polished edge mirror glass is simple and sleek, with a uniformly flat surface throughout. A polished edge mirror is versatile, coordinating with many bathroom styles. It can be an especially good fit for bathrooms that are modern, industrial, or eclectic.

To Frame or Not to Frame

Polished edge mirror glass can also be framed. Homeowners choose a framed vanity mirror when they want a mirror with a more clearly delineated style. The frame can be contemporary, classic, ornate, etc. depending on the look you wish to achieve in your bathroom.

Working with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., you have two options for achieving a framed vanity mirror. One method is to order both the mirror glass and the frame, and you will want to go this route if you are upgrading to a bigger mirror, your current mirror glass is damaged, or you wish to replace your existing vanity mirror for some other reason.

However, if the current mirror is a good fit overall, you may prefer to simply add a frame to it. For most stock sized mirrors, this is a possibility. You might be quite surprised at how much adding a a frame can change the look and feel of your bathroom mirror!

Vanity Mirror Shapes – What’s Possible?

Many shapes – and sizes – are possible for a custom vanity mirror from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Some of the most popular mirror shapes are:

  • rectangle
  • oval

However, you could also choose:

  • square
  • circle
  • diamond
  • triangle
  • half circle
  • crescent
  • teardrop

Benefits of a Custom Mirror

A custom vanity mirror offers your space more than a stock mirror can. When you work with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., we cut the mirror glass to fit in the designated space and account for any irregular situations such as corners that are out of square. Additionally, the size of your custom vanity mirror does not have to be limited by outlets, light switches, etc., since we can create cutouts in the mirror to allow for existing wall mounted fixtures.

Learning more about your custom vanity mirror options is easy and convenient when you work with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Schedule your free in-home meeting with one of our glass specialists by calling 703-257-7150!