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7 Home Design Solutions with Glass and Mirror

Glass and mirror fixtures offer solutions to many home design needs. From rooms that feel cramped to spaces that need more natural light, just about any room in your home can benefit from the addition of glass or mirror.

1.Wall mirrors are perfect for making spaces “expand” visually. Cover a wall with mirror glass to give the impression that a room is deeper than it is. Wall mirrors are also attractive in and of themselves, and they can be utilized to reflect and duplicate the room’s best features.


2.How can you enjoy natural lighting in a space like a bathroom, where adding a window might not be practical for privacy? The answer could be a skylight made from laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of two sheets of glass adhered to a thin sheet of clear vinyl, so the panel will remain intact even if the glass gets broken.


3.A lack of vanity mirror space can be a real inconvenience as multiple family members try to prepare for work or school. Ordering a custom mirror might mean being able to have a larger mirror than you thought was possible. If an existing wall fixture like an outlet or switch has been determining how large the vanity mirror can be, know that you can order custom cutouts in your large new mirror to accommodate such objects.


4.Bare wall space can be quickly brightened with the addition of a framed mirror. This is a versatile wall hanging option since mirror glass matches everything! The frame you select will define the style, so be sure to pick something that enhances the room’s décor theme.


5.Switching from a shower curtain to glass shower doors is a change that can instantly dress up the space. Select one of the lovely frameless, semi-frameless, or framed configurations available to homeowners today and personalize the new enclosure through your careful choice of the glass type, the hardware style, and the hardware finish.


6.Adding a glass tabletop is a great way to breathe new life into a dining table, coffee table, or end table. The sheet of glass will protect the surface of the table beneath it while simultaneously adding clean lines and a fresh look.


7.Could your home benefit from safety glass? If you have glass panels that have been broken or are in high-risk areas, consider replacing them with a glass alternative. Acrylic sheeting and polycarbonate sheeting offer a glass-like appearance with much greater durability and resistance to breakage. Possible applications include:

  • Display case doors.
  • Vulnerable windows or sidelites.
  • Picture frame glass.


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