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Check out our 6 ways to improve your office if your home workspace lacks appeal and needs a great makeover! Even when you’re working from home, you deserve an orderly office space that fosters productivity and success.  Transforming a disorganized and busy space into an appealing and functional home office is easier with help from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park, VA.

Number 1: Install glass shelving for easy organization. Regardless of what’s cluttering your office – papers, binders, folders, or non-work related items that get stashed there – glass shelving can help you solve the problem. Available in many glass types and with various styles of brackets, glass shelves look classy and are highly convenient. Simply line them with your books and binders or pair them with bins for easy storage of office supplies and the miscellaneous “stuff” that seems to pile up in your workspace.

Number 2: Get a small file cabinet. Depending on your line of work, a file cabinet can be a very helpful addition to your home office. Keeping documents in labeled file folders not only prevents potential loss or damage of the papers, but makes it easy to find what you need when you need it. Check out local thrift stores and flea markets if you want a bargain item.

Number 3: Add a glass table top to your desk. Does your desk lack charm and the clean lines and smooth surfaces of a dignified work area? Giving the desktop a makeover is easy when you work with ABC. We can add a custom glass table top to completely refresh your home office desk. Choose frosted or tinted glass if you wish to camouflage a damaged surface below the glass.

Number 4: Add some simple accent items to give the room character and a personal touch. If your home office has become something of a catch-all for unwanted knick-knacks, start by clearing these out. Then add just a few pieces that really contribute to the atmosphere you wish to create. Here are a few ideas to get your started.

  • Some small potted plants or maybe a single ornamental tree.
  • A special lamp that fits the professional image you seek – this could be anything from a formal desk lamp to a colorful lava lamp!
  • Framed prints from a favorite artist.

Number 5: Include a custom dry erase board for reminders, lists, and inspirational quotes. A dry erase board is always useful, but it can even enhance the space aesthetically if you opt for a custom glass whiteboard from ABC Glass and Mirror. We will cut a piece of white back painted glass to your specifications and send a trained team to install it on the wall of your home office.

Number 6: Try adding a wall mirror to the space. If you’d like to make your home workspace look and feel bigger, consider covering one wall with a large mirror or a number of small mirrors to create the illusion of depth. Even if you’re not looking to use mirrors in a such a dramatic way, you can add sparkle to the room with a framed mirror above a cabinet or a rectangular mirror placed where it reflects a window.

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your trusted source for all the customized glass and mirror needed to improve your home office and transform it into the functional and attractive space you deserve. Whether you wish to beautify a wall with a framed mirror or to tidy up your office with the help of glass shelves, our team is here for you. Reach us at 703-257-7150 and schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.