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Ordering custom glass shelves opens up more design possibilities than one-size-fits-all products. You can actually tailor the shelves to your room’s theme and mood because you get to pick the type of glass, shelf dimensions, and style of brackets or hanging system. These features give custom glass shelving the edge over other products, but the most exciting part is the possibilities they create. Let’s look at 5 innovative ways glass shelves can help you make your home more fashion forward.

1. Create one or more vignettes.

Have you ever added some in-vogue décor accents and found the effect cluttered rather than classy? Few, if any, of us can achieve true minimalism in our living spaces. Adding a lovely display to the coffee table would be great if it didn’t have to compete with books, homework, and building blocks! A glass wall shelf allows you to create a designer-worthy display without cluttering an existing surface and keep it out of the reach of children. A vignette (vi-nyet) is basically a small curated display, and a glass shelf is the perfect place for one. 

HGTV offers “8 Tips for Making Beautiful Vignettes” in case you’d like some help getting started, so here are a few highlights from the piece:

  • Arrange your items around a lamp to ensure good visibility.
  • Use an odd number of items in each vignette as groupings of 3, 5, and 7 are more visually appealing than even alternatives.
  • Include items with different textures to keep things interesting and attractive.

2. Conquer clutter with shelves and bins.

Returning to the topic of clutter, glass shelves allow you to tidy up in a trendy manner. What more attractive way to add storage than by having custom shelves installed and then filling them with fashionable bins and baskets? This system is great for those of us who find it hard to stay organized or don’t like having to open and close a lot of lids and doors. Your items don’t have to be arranged neatly inside the bins, which is helpful when you need to clean up in a hurry!

3. Go beyond the vignette with a full on “shelfie”.

A shelfie is like a vignette, but the display covers an entire shelf or shelving unit. Many of the same tips apply to vignettes and shelfies:

  • Eclectic displays are awesome, but many decorators like to tie things together with a unifying color or theme.
  • Curate, curate, curate…..a shelfie can include many items, but each one should be chosen with care and intentionality. Choose a criteria and cull your collection – only items that bring you joy, only items that enhance a chosen mood, etc.
  • Vary the sizes, shapes, and textures of the items to keep it visually interesting.
  • Use both horizontal and vertical orientation of books, frames, and so forth.

A more specific trend is the plant shelfie, and The Spruce offers tips gathered from Instagram influencers. These include using a varied assortment of plant species, integrating books into the display, and creating balance by a thoughtful arrangement of plants of different sizes and shapes.

4. Set up a home mini bar on a glass shelf.

Ever since we were stuck at home in 2020, home bar setups have had fresh appeal. When you can’t convert your basement into your own private speakeasy, a mini bar is the next best thing! For those short on space, be assured that you can create a sleek mini bar starting with just a glass shelf. Place all your drink-making ingredients and utensils on the shelf, but do it in style. Options include:

  • Have a custom wall mirror installed above the shelf to maximize the impact of your display.
  • Arrange bottles on a tray and group them in odd numbers.
  • Only use containers that add to your desired effect. For example, cocktail-making accessories could be arranged in a vintage beer stein.
  • If space allows, include items other than spirits and barware. Possibilities include a bowl of lemons and limes, a unique vintage knick-knack, or a bar themed sign.

5. Refresh a cabinet, cupboard, or shelving unit.

Last but not least, remember that glass shelves don’t only go on walls. An old piece of furniture gets a boost of style and convenience when old (and possibly damaged) wooden shelves are replaced with glass. Try this on a china hutch, book case, or even a kitchen cupboard. If the shelves are currently hidden behind doors, keep in mind that many wooden door fronts can be replaced with clear cabinet glass to show off your items. At the same time, obscure glass is available if you don’t want to have to keep the contents in a photo-worthy state.

How would YOU use custom glass shelves in your home? Discuss your ideas and explore further options at a free in-home consultation with a custom glass specialist. Schedule your appointment by calling ABC Glass & Mirror at (703)257-7150!

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