Bathrooms today are so much more than a modern version of the outhouse. Many offer relaxation-promoting amenities, gorgeous designs, and spa-inspired appliances. If you’re ready to update an uninspiring bathroom in your home, ABC can help!

#1 – Replace a shower curtain with glass.

One of the most effective ways to update and beautify any type of bathroom is by swapping out the shower curtain for glass. Many homeowners will simply have glass installed across the shower entrance. There are many options, including bypass doors, a rolling “barn style” door system, double swinging doors, and a swinging door beside a fixed panel. If you want a more dramatic change and are re-inventing the whole space, consider having a separate glass shower built. Popular configurations include: Right angle corner showers.

•      Neo-angle corner showers.
•      Steam enclosures.
•      Walk-in enclosures.
•      Shower screens.

#2 – Enjoy a vanity mirror customized to your needs and tastes.

Replacing a builder grade vanity mirror with custom reflective glass is one more way ABC can improve the ambiance of a bathroom. Whether you and your spouse are competing for limited mirror space on busy mornings or you just want a mirror that makes a more elegant wall hanging, we have something for you:

•      Extra large vanity mirrors.
•      Custom dimensions.
•      Accommodations for structural irregularities and existing wall fixtures.
•      Beveled edges.
•      Unique geometric mirror shapes.
•      “Antique” mirror glass.
•      Some framed mirror options.

#3 – Cover wall space with back painted glass.

Back painted glass is ultra clear glazing that has paint – in your color choice – applied to one side. A protective layer is added to the paint, and the colored glass is installed with the unpainted side facing outward. Back painted glass has many applications, but one place it really shines is in a bathroom. The smooth surface makes for convenient cleaning and sanitizing, and the glass holds up well to water droplets and the humidity from hot showers. Some specific ways to use it in a bathroom are:

•      As a backsplash behind the sink.
•      Inside the shower as a wall panel.
•      For a wall covering that is both functional and beautiful.

#4 – Solve your storage problems with custom glass shelves.

Whether you need to replace damaged shelves inside your vanity or add more shelf space to a bathroom that’s low on storage, glass shelving is the answer. Glass shelves can be cut to your specifications, come in several styles, and may be combined with a variety of brackets or hanging systems. Glass shelves can also be installed inside some shower enclosures to eliminate clutter and remove the need for a hanging caddy.

#5 – Hide the toilet behind privacy glass.

While necessary, the commode can lessen the spa-like feel of an updated bathroom, so many designers opt for a screen that hides or camouflages it. A half wall made of frosted or patterned glass will block the toilet and complement other glass fixtures such as shower doors, windows, or shelves.

To get pricing and details on any of these items or to learn more about all the products and services offered by ABC, call today at (703)257-7150!