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Aftercare designed for your frameless glass shower doors will help to keep your new investment in tip- top shape.  Like most home improvements, the new project is unlikely to stay “like new” without proper maintenance and routine care.  Don’t let the term “routine care” or “proper maintenance” scare you, it takes just a few minutes a day, or even every other day.

Ensuring that your new glass doors are enjoyed for years and years to come is important.  Also, keep in mind that keeping them looking and working like new takes a relatively small amount of time and effort. An aftercare routine is just a way to make sure that your doors stay usable and beautiful for a long, long time.

Following Glass Shower Door Installation

As soon as your shower doors have been installed take a moment to inspect a few items.  This will ensure that your new investment starts off on the right foot.  Make sure that your shower isn’t leaking.  Now that being said, do not spray water directly on a door seam.  Although it has vinyl stripping it does not mean that given a direct spray that it will not leak.

Make sure that you check the vinyl along the seams and the silicone caulking along immovable seams where the curb and the glass panels meet.  Lastly, take a moment to make sure that the hinges and screws are fastened well.  These few items directly after installation will help to ensure your new doors have a good start.

Long Term Aftercare Tips

For long term after care, the most important thing that you should do to keep your doors in good working order is just be observant.  Paying attention to the “little things” is a part of the way to take care of your shower doors after installation.  If you pay attention and are aware of what is normal for your glass enclosure and what is not, you will quickly notice when something doesn’t seem right.

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Here are 5 tips for caring for your shower doors:

1.    Listen for unusual sounds when opening and closing the door that could be indicative of a potentially serious problem.
2.    Keep it clean-take a few moments every day to give your shower glass a quick wipe down.
3.    Make sure that no water is leaking.
4.    Check the vinyl stripping and caulk along the enclosures seams
5.    Check hinges and screw to make sure they are fastened and working properly.

Follow-up Care

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