Glass shelves are the answer to so many decorating dilemmas AND they’ll still look amazing if you replace your furniture, repaint your walls, or give the room a new motif. Check out 5 glass shelving possibilities you may have never considered.

#1 – Surprise a loved one with a trophy shelf.

add a trophy shelf

Has your child or spouse received trophies and plaques for her or his accomplishments? Are the awards stuffed in a closet or floating around a messy room? Surprise your loved one by having a glass wall shelf installed and filled with their awards. This is a wonderful way to celebrate their accomplishments and will look fantastic in a bedroom, den, or game room wall.

#2 – Create a “china hutch” without buying one.

glass shelf china hutch

Glass shelves can also help when wedding china, heirloom glassware, hand carved wooden bowls, and the like end up stashed in a kitchen cupboard. You may wish you could show off these items but not have room for a china hutch. Many kitchen cupboards can be transformed into display cabinets.

1. Choose the cupboards that will be used to showcase your dishware.

2. Have their door fronts replaced with clear cabinet glass.

3. Have the shelves replaced with clear or frosted glass shelves.

4. Arrange your items on the glass shelves for all to see and enjoy.

#3 – Make glass shelves part of a laundry room makeover.

add glass shelves to modernize your laundry room

The laundry room can get overlooked when you beautify your home, but since you spend time there, why not make the space pleasant? Choose a fun and cheerful wall color and repaint. If the ceiling light is unattractive, get a new one or at least replace the globe. Add a floating glass shelf for storing detergent and fabric softener and another set of glass wall shelves to fill with bins for sorting laundry. Patterned canvas bins in colors that complement the walls will give the space a designer feel.

#4 – Turn a corner of your living room into a reading nook.

add a reading nook

It’s not hard to re-invent an ordinary corner of your living room as a cozy nook where you’ll love to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite book! Have some small glass shelves installed on the wall and fill them with books. Add a comfy chair, soft blanket, plush rug, and a dimmable floor lamp with a reading light. Remember to personalize the glass shelves to fit with your desired style for the reading nook. If you buy from a custom glass shop such as ABC Glass & Mirror, you get to choose:

• Shelf dimensions

• Glass style – clear, acid-etched, patterned

• Safety glass options – tempered glass, laminated glass

• Type of brackets or other hanging system

#5 – Conquer bathroom clutter with a glass shelf.

glass bathroom shelves

A cluttered vanity counter is not only annoying when you’re getting ready for work in the morning, it takes away from the ambiance of the whole bathroom. In many bathrooms, the wall space above the commode is totally unused. Have one or more small glass shelves installed here as a place to store the vanity counter overflow. If you add little baskets to the shelves, you can put lots of items on them without making it looking cluttered or disorganized.

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