Bloga bowl bathtub to the left and a standing glass shower across the room to the right

Bathroom renovations are popular these days, and homeowners are opting for powerful upgrades that really transform the space. As you remodel, try to go beyond an updated version of what the bathroom has always been. Go deeper and improve the beauty, functionality, and accessibility of the room. Check out these trending bathroom improvements and consider how they could enrich your space.

#1 Clear Glass

Using clear glass in your bathroom remodel will effect a powerful transformation if your bathroom has included a shower curtain and many opaque surfaces. There are a few different ways to integrate transparent glass into a bathroom, but one of the most effective is by making the switch to a clear glass shower door or enclosure. Once this change is made, the shower is not longer visually cut off from the rest of the space. Instead its square footage seems to be part of the bathroom as a whole, making the room and the stall feel more spacious. Also, replacing one of your current storage options with open shelving made of clear glass is yet another way to put this material to work making the space seem bigger.

#2 Frameless Shower Door or Enclosure

Another trending glass shower feature is frameless construction. This type of shower is free of aluminum framing, although it might include a header. The unframed panels of glass are attached to each other, the door, and the existing walls by means of small metal fasteners, hinges, and caulk joints. Thick glass is used to give the structure rigidity and stability. A frameless shower looks sleek and elegant, and since it is such a large fixture, it can truly transform the style of the room as a whole. You’ll also find that frameless showers include fewer hard-to-clean nooks and crannies.

#3 How About a Steam Shower?

Many homeowners are going all out with a steam shower conversion. Those who use steam for health, well-being, or beauty regimens, wish to enjoy its benefits in the convenience of their own homes. The enclosure for a steam shower needs to have certain characteristics including:

  • Seals up fully when the door is shut – floor to ceiling.
  • All interior surfaces are made of a material that can handle moisture and humidity.
  • A movable transom is included for steam control.

#4 A Deep Stand-Alone Tub

Along with relaxing in a steam shower, soaking in a warm bath is a popular way of unwinding at the end of a hectic day. Many homeowners are choosing to add luxurious stand-alone bathtubs to their restrooms. These tall tubs can be made of many different materials – stone, metal, acrylic, and more. Additionally, style possibilities range from antique to contemporary.

#5 Better  Accessibility

It’s also common for bathroom remodelers to look to the future and strive to integrate universal design principles that will facilitate aging in place. This could mean a curbless shower, or even a walk-in shower enclosure. Other possibilities include:

  • Non-slip flooring
  • Lighted rocker switches
  • One handle sink faucets
  • Towel bars that can double as grab bars

As you improve your bathroom’s convenience, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal, know that you can rely upon ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. for all your glass and mirror needs. From a frameless glass steam shower to a custom vanity mirror, we can help you with glass installations large and small! Call today – 703-257-7150!