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As a consumer you need to know that there are myths about glass shower doors that can hurt the longevity and usability of your new shower enclosure.  If you believe a myth, it may encourage negative habits and overtime can lead to damage of your bathroom space.  Let the experts at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. help to clear up any falsehoods in regard to shower doors.

Myth #1

A glass shower door is leak proof.
Although shower doors are the best choice in shower stall coverage for stopping leaks, shower door enclosures are not aquariums!!!  When you are cleaning your shower door make sure you do not spray directly on a seam.  Also, when you are showering take a minute.

Myth #2

Glass is not porous.
Oh yes it is!   Glass may look flat and smooth, but glass has little tiny pores that allow hard water, dirt and grime to build up.

Myth #3

You don’t have to clean glass shower doors.
You actually do have to clean your new shower doors.  Just because they look shiny and new doesn’t mean they will stay that way.  Shower doors need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their clarity and newness.

Myth #4

All glass is the same.
All glass is not the same and aside from the visually obvious differences in patterned, etched or colored glass, there are still more options.  One of the most appealing options is the option of Guardian ShowerGuard glass or EnduroShield protective coating.  Although these options will not eliminate the need to clean your glass, they will assist you in helping to ease the duration and intensity of your cleaning regimen.

Myth #5

You can add a towel bar to your glass shower after installation.
This assumption is false!  The towel bar must be considered at the time of the custom measure and estimate.  The holes must be placed in the sheet of glass during the manufacturing process.

The towel bar placement has to be precise as to ensure usability, accessibility and for the overall aesthetics of the door.  In order for this to happen the door must be measured for the towel bar at the time of the free in-home estimate!  Holes cannot be drilled into the glass after it has been manufactured and installed.

Local Expert is here to help

Understanding what is true and what is not true is great to keep in mind as you navigate through the shower door process.  Whether you are considering hiring an expert or doing it yourself always do the research necessary to keep problems at a minimum.

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