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Hardware accessories are an important part of the shower door selection process.


With all the styles and finishes available the potential for your shower door is endless.


Even with endless possibilities there are items that are the most popular.  Trendy accessories usually are considered to be so due to color and style not because it is a towel bar or a hinge.


Most shower doors have handles and hinges, but some of your options to inquire about include towel bars and robe hooks.


These are selected options that have to be noted and measured for during the estimation process.  So if you desire to hang your towels or robes make sure you speak with your project estimator during his in-home visit. He must measure for them and consider strategic placement of the accessories while he is in your home so he can ensure your needs are met discuss all your options during the scheduled consultation.


Truly there are only a total of 5 major hardware accessories to consider and those hardware components are:


1.    Handles
2.    Hinges
3.    Headers
4.    Towel bars
5.    Robe Hooks


As noted in the list above, a general overview of the different types of hardware accessories for your shower door include towel bars, robe hooks, handles, hinges and headers.  Most of these hardware pieces are self- explanatory except maybe the header.  The header is a metal piece that sometimes has to be used on a frameless shower depending on the shape and structure of your shower stall.


Homeowners in Fairfax Should Consider All of Your Hardware Accessories

The most popular hardware accessory choices are a little bit different from the top hardware accessories.  We know that there are really only 5 total accessories for your shower door, but there are a lot of combinations for the top 5 most popular hardware accessories.


well laid-out bathroom with modern toilets, shower and bathtub

This list is created by the different hardware the customers chooses during the shower door selection process and this list includes styles, finishes and hardware choices.  Please understand that the finishes and styles chosen are then chosen for all of the shower door hardware accessories for that shower.


For instance, you would not purchase an oil-rubbed bronze hinge with a chrome towel bar.  The only things considered in this list are actual choices (you don’t have to have a towel bar or robe hook, but a handle is a must), so the list covers towel bars and robe hooks.   Here are the top


5 most popular choices in hardware accessories for your glass shower door:


1.    Brushed Nickel BM Series Tubular Style Towel Bar
2.    Chrome BM Series Tubular Style Towel Bar
3.    Brushed Nickel Robe Hook
4.    Chrome Robe Hook
5.    Oil-Rubbed Bronze BM Series Tubular Style Towel Bar


modern walk-in shower with a toilet to the left and a sink to the right

Choose Your Shower Door and Hardware Accessories

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During that visit all of your hardware accessory options are discussed, chosen and measured for during the estimation process.  If you would like more information on shower doors, please visit our website at www.abcglassandmirror.com or give us a call at 703-257-7150!


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