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Glass partition walls can be tailored to your specific needs, and they serve a range of functions from preserving the open feel of your living area to hiding an unattractive fixture or storage area. In addition to true glass walls, custom glass shops can also create the impression of a glass wall by installing safety glass or by covering a section of existing wall with backpainted glass. Let’s look at 5 possibilities for making a glass wall part of your décor.

# 1 Choose a frameless glass room divider instead of a traditional wall. If you are renovating, adding on, or having a new home built, consider using a glass partition wall where you would normally have a standard non-load-bearing wall. Delightful places for this swap include:

  • Between the living room and dining room.
  • Along one side of your home office.
  • Separating the master bathroom from the bedroom.
  • In the entryway.

Using unframed clear or translucent glass instead of painted drywall gives your space a roomy, modern ambiance. Moreover,  glass walls can be moved or removed more easily than normal walls, which is nice if you may want to repurpose or reconfigure your living area down the road.

#2 Have a glass partition wall installed to divide one space into two rooms. A framed or frameless glass partition is a quick and simple solution when you need to divide a room into two separate areas, and they can usually be paired with glass doors of the same style to fully enclose a space.  For example, you might want to give siblings their own rooms by bisecting one large bedroom. On the other hand, perhaps you wish to construct a separate shower room within a bathroom or even turn one corner of your family room into a workspace. Also, keep in mind that you can choose clear glass if privacy isn’t a factor, backpainted glass for complete privacy, and frosted or patterned glass for somewhat secluded spaces.

#3 Use a panel of privacy glass to camouflage one of your home’s less desirable features. Panels of patterned, frosted, or backpainted glass offer a contemporary alternative to the wooden screens of the past. These sheets of custom glass double as decorative pieces and instantly upgrade a room’s décor. A glass screen can be used to hide many less than attractive sights including:

  • The toilet in a luxurious master bath.
  • A catch-all corner where backpacks and shoes pile up.
  • An electrical panel.
  • A window that’s important for letting in light but has a view of a busy street or dingy alley.

#4 Put a Plexiglas safety rail along stairs or a balcony. Plexiglas is a glass alternative that looks similar to true glass but offers better safety and durability. These features make it ideal for maintaining a room’s open atmosphere while preventing fall hazards. A stair railing, landing wall, or balcony barrier made of Plexiglas is ideal for modern, minimalist, and open concept interior designs.

#5 Opt for backpainted glass shower panels to complement your glass enclosure. Colored glass offers an inviting alternative to tiled shower walls. It is available in standard shades but can also be ordered in any color-matched hue you want. One benefit of glass shower wall panels is that they are free of the grout lines where soap scum so easily accumulates. Also, they look fantastic next to a glass enclosure or set of shower doors. Keep in mind, though, that you might need to pair glass with another material since it cannot be installed on wall space where holes will be drilled or screws driven in because this will crack the glass.

Do you love one of these ideas or have another plan for an interior glass wall? We’d like to help make your vision a reality. Call ABC Glass and Mirror at (703)257-7150 for more info on our products and services or to make an appointment for an in-home consultation!