Try something new and breathe fresh life into your interior décor. Decorating with mirrors is a savvy choice since reflective glass matches all color schemes, fits in with diverse home styles, and boosts convenience by adding usable mirror space to your home. The project becomes super-easy to complete if you can team up with a local glass shop. Doing so enables you to request custom mirror sizes and have cutouts added to fit around electrical fixtures. Glass experts can also tweak the mirror dimensions to mask structural irregularities that may be present, such as a surface that is not level or a corner that is not perfectly square. Now, onto 5 creative mirror projects to add pizzazz to your home!

#1 Give antique mirror a try.

One way to break the mold when decorating with mirrors is by choosing “antique” mirror. This product is newly manufactured mirror glass that has been “aged” by an acid wash. Why would you deliberately buy a new mirror that looks old? There are several possible reasons:

  • Antique style mirror glass allows you to add a new mirror without taking away from a room’s nostalgic atmosphere. For instance, an antique vanity mirror is the perfect partner for a vanity made from reclaimed barnwood or an old desk.
  • A mirror wall made from antique mirror glass is perfect if you want a unique accent wall with a more understated look than that offered by normal mirrors.
  • The addition of an antique mirror enhances the lived-in, collected-over-time feel that is integral to some decorating styles such as farmhouse or eclectic.
  • Including an antique mirror in a contemporary home can add warmth and a welcome change of pace.

#2 Cover an oddly shaped section of wall with mirror glass.

Lofts, stairways, dormers, and the like can leave you with unusually shaped wall sections that seem unusable. Covering one of these with reflective glass provides an extra place for applying makeup or checking your look before you head out the door. It can also add charm and personality to a traditional space. Even if you don’t have a funky wall, consider ordering a uniquely shaped mirror as an accent piece or focal point for a boring room.

#3 Pair custom mirror with custom glass shelving.

Glass shelves serve a dual purpose as storage space and a room ornament when you use them to display collectibles, artwork, etc. Have a mirror hung behind the glass shelf to double the impact of your display. A glass shop such as ABC Glass and Mirror can supply and install both the shelving and the mirror to ensure correct dimensions and the desired finished look for the project.

#4 Order “his” and “hers” mirrors to hang over your double vanity.

Choosing two mirrors of different shapes and/or sizes is a fun but chic touch in a master bathroom with two sinks. You should print out a photo of your bathroom’s sink area and experiment with paper “mirror” cutouts in various shapes and sizes to find the perfect look. Just make sure that whatever mirrors you choose offer enough space for convenient hairstyling, shaving, etc. Remember that edgework – such as beveling or a frame – can also be part of some mirror designs.

#5 Create a gallery around a wall mirror in your entryway.

It’s easy for an entryway to end up as a cold, utilitarian space. However, a wall mirror can instantly make it feel bigger, add visual interest, and make it easy to check your hairstyle on the way to work or school. For more wow factor, create a gallery wall around your mirror by adding your personally curated collection of meaningful photos, children’s artwork, favorite prints, etc. It’s best to choose wall-hangings of different shapes and sizes and tie the gallery together with a common color, theme, frame type, etc. Your gallery wall can make your once dull entryway into a warm and welcoming space!

Would you like a free estimate for a custom mirror for your home? We invite you to give ABC Glass and Mirror a call at (703)257-7150 and learn more about what we can offer. Our staff includes in-house glaziers who can discuss your project ideas over the phone, but we also offer free in-home meetings for a more detailed consultation that includes taking the necessary measurements to work up a no-obligation quote. Decorating with mirror is easy and enjoyable when you team up with local, family-owned ABC Glass and Mirror!