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Completely redecorating a room can be pricey and time consuming. Sometimes all a space needs is to be cleaned, organized, and spruced up with a luxe accent piece. A statement mirror is one such example, and it offers added benefits such as creating the illusion of space and giving you somewhere to check your hairstyle! Follow these easy steps to spruce up any room with a statement mirror.

Refreshing a room by adding s statement mirror

1. Decide where you will hang the new wall mirror.

Where will your statement mirror go? Begin by taking stock of the available walls and choosing one as the home of your new mirror. Points to consider include:

  • What will the mirror reflect if hung on a given wall? Ideally, it will duplicate something you love about the room such as a great outdoor view, an original work of art, or a special piece of furniture. Avoid placing the statement mirror where it will capture a view of a messy workspace, an area cluttered by toys, or the like.
  • Do you want the mirror to maximize natural lighting? If so, it will be most effective to have the mirror installed on a wall perpendicular to one of the room’s windows. (Stationing it directly across from a window bounces the sunshine back outside.)
  • How will the mirror harmonize with whatever is already on or near a particular wall? You want the finished look to be pleasing and cohesive. Consider a classic look such as hanging the mirror over a sofa, mantle, or sideboard.
Add an accent mirror to your room to maximize natural lighting

2. Choose the size and shape of the statement mirror.

Make a statement in your room by adding a mirror collage to a wall with different shapes

In order to make a statement, your mirror should be something special. Two ways to achieve this are through its size and its shape. A large wall mirror always makes a statement and visually expands a room. Conversely, a cluster of very small mirrors will also have a powerful impact.

On the other hand, if you opt for a unique mirror shape, a distinctive size is less important. A custom glass shop like ABC Glass & Mirror can provide mirrors in many forms, including:

  • half circle
  • crescent
  • tear drop
  • diamond
  • hexagon
  • parallelogram
  • rhombus
  • triangle
  • rectangle with rounded edges
  • asymmetrical shape
  • and more

When choosing the shape, first look at other shapes in the room. Are there a lot of clean lines, crisp edges, and sharp corners? If so, do you want to continue this motif? Or add a mirror that provides softer curves or wavy lines? Likewise, if the room is already dominated by rounded edges, you can choose to complement or contrast this with your statement mirror.

3. Find the perfect type of mirror glass.

Once you’ve chosen to decorate with a statement mirror, you get to choose how the reflective glass looks.

  • Standard: Standard mirror is the reflective glass we are most familiar with. Its look is timeless and classic, and it provides a clear view of whatever is in front of it. Standard mirror glass matches many decorating styles and is by far the most popular choice if your statement mirror is going above a bathroom vanity.
  • Antique: Antique style mirror glass is new but has a vintage appearance created through an acid bath. This glass looks great with vintage décor, but it also provides a softening contrast in more modern spaces.
  • Tinted: ABC Glass & Mirror offers gray and bronze tinted mirror glass. These mirrors have a unique hue which makes them perfect for statement pieces. At the same time, their neutral coloration makes them a good fit for just about any color scheme.
Find the perfect type of mirror glass to add to your room such as antique or tinted

4. Finish off your statement mirror with the perfect edgework.

Create a custom mirror by adding edge work such as metal wrapping or a beveled edge

A polished edge is available for any mirror shape offered by ABC. On this type of mirror, the surface of the glass is uniformly level, and the edges are machine polished. However, many geometrically shaped mirrors are also offered with metal wrapping or a beveled edge. Metal wrapping is available in matte black, brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. A metallic border creates the appearance of a framed mirror and allows you to coordinate the statement mirror with other metal in the room. Finally, a bevel can be cut around the mirror’s perimeter so that the glass slants down and finishes in a thin polished edge. Adding a bevel is a way to make your statement mirror a bit dressier.

5. Have your statement mirror professionally installed.

The final step is the easiest. ABC Glass & Mirror will help you design the statement mirror, and then we complete the project by having a trained team attach the mirror to your wall. Working with large or irregularly shaped mirrors can be challenging and hazardous. Our crews are trained in this work and will install the mirrors safely and with the utmost care for your surrounding living space. If you’d like to begin the process with one of our free in-home consultations, give ABC a call at (703)257-7150. 

And for more reasons to use a statement mirror and tips on picking the perfect look, check out Lindsey Lanquist’s article, 10 Rooms That Prove Mirrors Can Make or Break Any Makeover. If you’re inspired by one of the ornately framed mirrors she features, keep in mind that ABC can cut a piece of standard, antique, or tinted mirror glass to fit in the frame of your choice.

ABC Glass and Mirror can help install your mirrors

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