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Glass is a surprisingly versatile tool for modernizing a dated kitchen or adding character to a run-of-the-mill space. Glass technicians can help you choose the best products for your specific application, and professional installation takes the stress out of working with glass. Sheets of glass can be cut to various shapes and dimensions, and modern products such as back painted glass allow you to choose any color you desire. To learn more about the products below or other custom glass and mirror options, feel free to give ABC Glass & Mirror a call at (703)257-7150.

Replace Your Standard Backsplash with a Unique Glass Installation

Our most popular glass backsplash option is back painted glass. This is low iron glass with paint and a protective coating applied to the back. Based on the room’s color scheme and your design plan, you can choose a stock neutral or have us special order a custom color-matched shade. Back painted glass backsplashes are created from as few pieces of glass as possible, for a finished product that is sleek, modern, and easy to clean. Another, and more unique, backsplash possibility is mirror glass. Standard mirror may be used or you can choose “antique” mirror, which is new mirror glass that has been acid washed to look antique. A mirrored backsplash is best for those parts of the kitchen that don’t see hot grease splatters or lots of water splashes.

Convert an Ordinary Cupboard into a Display Cabinet or Focal Point

The term “cabinet glass” refers to pieces of glass that take the place of wooden door fronts on cupboard doors. Possibilities include:

•  Replace existing fronts with clear glass for a display of china or glassware.

•  Choose frosted or patterned glass to beautify cupboards without worrying about keeping the contents tidy and organized.

•  Transform all the kitchen cupboards with cabinet glass.

•  Add cabinet glass to just a few select cupboard doors.

Use Glass Shelving to Supplement or Replace Traditional Storage

There are also a variety of ways to use glass shelves for kitchen improvement. The dimensions, thickness, and glass style can be tailored to your preferences, which makes them even more user friendly. Consider these options:

•  Add floating glass shelves to unused wall space for extra storage of dishes, food items, or linens.

•  Take down cabinets that are damaged or dated and have glass shelving installed in their place.

•  Improve the inside of cupboards and pantries by replacing sagging or broken shelves with glass.

Open wall shelves are very convenient for storing the items you use most – breakfast dishes, mixing spoons, baking ingredients, and so on.

Cover Kitchen and Dining Surfaces with Custom Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops
 can protect, beautify, or transform existing dining and kitchen surfaces, such as an island, a bar top, or a breakfast table. The glass will be cut to fit perfectly atop the existing surface, and you can pick from polished edge, pencil edge, beveled edge, or specialty edgework. Clear tops keep the current surface in view, but protect it from wear and tear as well as the risk of stains or water damage. If the existing surface is already a little worse for wear, a frosted or patterned top will camouflage the problems and add visual appeal.

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