BlogCustom Mirrors in Northern VA

It’s awesome when you find a simple upgrade that has a powerful impact on your living space! Custom mirror glass has the ability to give a room a fresh look and ambiance. While mirror glass can be more functional or more decorative, it often combines both purposes. Check out 4 rooms where a custom mirror can work a positive transformation.

The Master Bathroom

Do you and your spouse vie for precious mirror space as you prepare for work? Is your vanity mirror chipped, marred by backing that is flaking off, or otherwise damaged? Having a custom vanity mirror installed can enhance the convenience and the visual appeal of your bathroom. For one thing, a piece of mirror glass can be fabricated to the precise dimensions of the wall above your sink. Filling this space with reflective glass might be all that’s needed to give both of you enough mirror space for your morning routine. A mirror can also serve various aesthetic roles:

  • Consider having the mirror extend all the way up the wall to make the ceiling seem higher.
  • Have mirror glass installed where it will visually replicate one of the room’s best characteristics, such as a window or some gorgeous tile-work.
  • A mirror can even be cut in a unique shape, such as a tear drop, to give the room character and charm.

A Home Workout Space

Your exercise room can have the feel of a real gym when you add a custom wall mirror. Most commercial workout facilities include large mirrors where patrons can monitor and improve their form. Having a gym mirror installed in your home can offer you the same benefit as you get in shape. In addition, the mirror covered wall will create an optic illusion causing even a small home gym to look and feel roomier. ABC Glass and Mirror can tailor the mirror to your specific needs. For example:

  • A gym wall mirror can extend to and rest on the floor.
  • If you’re concerned that the mirror will be kicked or struck by weights, though, we can install L-bar or J-channel at the desired height and rest the mirror on it.
  • If there are light switches, outlets, or other fixtures already in place, we can make cutouts in the mirror glass so that it fits around them.

Your Entryway or Foyer

Covering one wall of an entryway or foyer with mirror visually opens up the space and transforms it from ordinary to memorable. There are several ways this can be achieved. Depending on the wall dimensions and the size of the doorway, glaziers might be able to cover a wall with a single piece of reflective glass. If the wall is too large or the entrance too small for this, two or more mirrors can be installed adjacent to one another. A third option is to order many small pieces of mirror glass – squares, or rectangles – and arrange them in a “tiled” pattern on the wall. If you’re worried that a mirror wall will make the area too bright and glitzy, consider an antique mirror. This is new mirror glass that has been treated with an acid wash to create the appearance of age. It can be used alongside vintage furnishings or added to a modern space to soften the crisp minimalism of many contemporary décor schemes.

Any Small Room

Just about any little room can get a boost from the addition of a custom mirror. The mirror can cover a wall to make the room look twice as wide, be hung across from a window to replicate the view, or simply be installed above a fixture or piece of furniture. ABC offers mirrors in stock sizes and traditional shapes as well as custom products. For example, if you want to cover a section of wall with mirror glass, we will take precise measurements and fabricate the mirror to these specifications. We can install a mirror that fits correctly even if a surface is out of level or a corner is not quite square.

The ABC team works with you throughout the process – from designing the custom mirror through installation by an expert team. If you’re interested in adding a mirror to your décor, call ABC at (703)257-7150 and schedule a free visit from one of our mirror specialists.