Since it’s such a prominent part of most bathrooms, an upgraded shower area uplifts the atmosphere of the entire space. Working with a custom glass shop means that the manner in which you improve the shower can range from simply adding a glass door to converting it into a steam shower. Learn more about 4 fabulous options below and call (703)257-7150 to speak with an ABC Glass and Mirror expert.

Add a Door or Doors

One of the simplest shower transformations is throwing out your shower curtain and having a glass door or doors installed. This works for narrow single stalls as well as tub-shower combos. Some of the most popular configurations are:

  • A swinging glass door added to a compact stall or a shower with a narrow entrance.
  • Double swinging doors installed on a tub-shower unit.
  • A swinging door in line with a fixed glass panel.
  • Bypass doors that slide along metal tracking.
  • Rolling “barn-style” shower doors – single and double door styles available.

Simply switching from a curtain to glass gives the bathroom an upscale feel. When clear, frameless glass is utilized it also “opens up” the room and the shower, making both feel larger.

Have a Glass Corner Shower Installed

If space allows, you can add a glass shower stall in addition to whatever bathing option is already in place. Corner showers can be right angle or neo-angle in configuration to accommodate bathrooms of different layouts and dimensions. Corner showers usually have one swinging door and several panels of fixed glass. The addition of a glass shower adds both aesthetic appeal and convenience to any bathroom. Depending on whether you want privacy or an open atmosphere, you can order clear, ultra- clear, acid-etched, patterned, or tinted glass for the enclosure. Additionally, the hardware style and finish can usually be customized to coordinate with the bathroom’s existing metal. By choosing the layout, kind of glass, and hardware color and design you can personalize the corner shower’s look and dimensions.

Convert Your Existing Shower into a Steam Shower

Upgrading to a steam shower allows you to enjoy spa-inspired pampering right at your own house. In addition to the steam shower apparatus, changes to the shower enclosure will likely be needed. Requirements for steam stalls include:

  • Enclosure seals from ceiling to floor for steam containment.
  • Unit is fitted with a movable transom for humidity control.
  • All surfaces can withstand water spray and humid conditions.

Not all existing showers can be converted into steam units, but ABC also offers a line of custom frameless steam enclosures.

Go All Out with a Free-Standing All-Glass Enclosure

If you’re doing a complete renovation or having a new home built, consider the visual impact of a shower enclosure surrounded by glass on all sides. This type of special shower is possible if you work with an experience professional team. If you have an idea for a unique and dramatic glass shower enclosure, call ABC Glass and Mirror at (703)257-7150 and schedule a free in-home consultation. We’ll make an appointment for a glazier to visit your home, go over your idea, take necessary measurements, and gather the info we need to email you a price quote.