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Every room in your home should feel happy and inviting, especially during chilly months when the outdoors can be cold and dreary at times. A gloomy bathroom is the last place you want to be, so add warmth and glamour to this highly used space. Even if the bathroom is small or windowless, the right colors, materials, and accents can transform its atmosphere.

#1 – Give the bathroom a glass makeover.

Decorating with mirror and glass will totally change a gloomy bathroom. Try one or all of these alterations:

  • Replace the shower curtain with clear glass doors or a glass screen.
  • Choose a large custom vanity mirror that will create a sense of depth and reflect light.
  • Add a back painted glass backsplash to modernize the sink area.
  • Solve storage problems in a small bathroom by putting in floating glass wall shelves.

#2 – Put light and color to work for you.

Combining pleasant, calming colors with fresh lighting options will also change the room for the better. Blues and greens promote positive feelings. Pale grays and shades of cream are also lovely choices. Of course you can adjust the color scheme by painting, but other possibilities include updating your window treatments, bath towels, or rugs. Improved lighting is the perfect complement to your new colors. Flameless LED candles on the vanity counter, a small chandelier over the sink, and a brighter ceiling light with dimmable switch are just some of the options. Finally, if the bathroom has a window, you can increase the natural lighting by replacing the panes with privacy glass that remove the need for curtains or blinds.

#3 – Introduce a home spa theme.

Spa inspired touches also add to the warmth and comfort of a bathroom. Appeal to various senses with a range of improvements.

  • Sight – Research calming colors and decorate with these. Choose a wall hanging that shows a peaceful nature scene. Add a beautiful installation such as a glass shower, antique style mirror, or free standing tub.
  • Smell – Install an aromatherapy device on your shower spray. Use an essential oil diffuser to fill the room with your favorite scent.
  • Touch – Replace your towels with plush white towels or luxurious linen towels.

#4 – Add a memorable focal point.

If you’re dealing with a bathroom that’s far from ideal, creating a memorable focal point is one way to distract from its more problematic aspects. Possibilities include a ceiling light with glass bangles, a uniquely shaped vanity mirror, bold wallpaper, or a wall covered with back painted glass in the color of your choice. You can even put collectibles on wall shelves or arrange jars full of seashells on the vanity counter to add charm and interest.

Count on ABC for all glass and mirror.

If you include glass and mirror in your bathroom improvements, trust these portions of the project to ABC Glass & Mirror. As a family owned and operated company, we approach each job with the care and attention it deserves while offering a wide range of products and services. Call (703)257-7150 to learn more about the project you’re interested in and schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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